What's my style?


Less than 2 weeks and I'm off to Viva Las Vegas with my gal pals. I've been doing some brainstorming for outfits and this is the direction I'd like to go. However, my wallet may disagree. I believe this might be my first fashion post and wanted to share this with you because I know I haven't shared (much) what my fashion taste is like. Here's a taste!

1. I love vibrant blues especially on a simple dress with a feminine collar.
2. Appreciate the bold black and white pattern on that jumpsuit paired with some sheer black tights.
3. Man, those light blue pointed heels rock so hard! I would love a pair..
4. Lace top for a dress. So sweet!
5. That neon satchel is so simple yet so modern. It would be perfect for my trip!
6. A simple, elegant, beige dress would be the perfect first day at work dress.
7. I'll admit, I'm not a huge accessories type of gal but this really caught my eye because of its sheer elegance and class.

What about you? If you can sum up your fashion style, what would it be? Are you a trend-setter or more classic?

All pretty images can be found on my "Chic" Pinterest Board.Are you on Pinterest, too? Check out what I've pinned lately!

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same" - Coco Chanel. 

Makeover Monday {9.0}

Can you believe it's almost August?

And that it's Monday today?

Oh, you're not a fan of Monday?

 No worries, that's what Makeover Mondays are for.

This feature might not miraculously turn your Monday around.

Or cheer you up, make you laugh, help you realize that it's up to you to make any day

a "good" or "bad" day.

I realize that. I don't expect the "Makeover Mondays" to do any of that. Honestly..

I just like to do these because it cheers me up, encourages me to take full control, and never let anyone (or anything) deem any day..."a bad day".

And, if I just so happen to make you smile or trigger a positive thought....



I'll keep these posts coming. ;)

Don't ever forget that it's your Monday and no one else's, k?

All pretty images can be found here.

Finding Inspiration by Danie

Hi there! My name is Danie, and I'm an artist over at Pasadya. Cathy was so sweet to ask me to share a little bit about how I find inspiration for some of my art, and I'm excited to let you inside this head of mine for a bit. Thanks for having me, Cathy!

You may hear this from a lot of artists, but I'm inspired by pretty much everything around me. I know, that seems like the easy way to say it, but it's true. Sometimes a piece is based off of the way I feel, a certain song I hear, clothes I see, one particular photo, food...you name it.

Er...photos, you say? Well, sure. I think those could explain my inspiration better than I could myself.

Here is an example of one of the latest pieces of mine. Her name is Rosa, and she even has a story to go with her.


-All other images taken or created by me

Although not all of my drawings are based off of photos, many of them are (which was the case for Rosa). Whenever I looked at the photo, I feel in love with so many of the girl's features, and I knew she would be amazing to illustrate. 

It's a strange thing to describe, but as I was working toward the finished product, all of these scenes crossed my mind from one time or another: placid, sparkling water (much like Rosa's eyes), soft, tangled sheets (seen in her hair), pretty imperfections (leaning toward that "unfinished, yet finished anyway" look), light elements of a pink blush blending into a neutral background (her cheeks), and sheer fabric (like her bangs). 

I add a lot of personal preferences into my drawings, but I generally stick to simple ideas and shapes. If I don't, I sometimes end up with an overworked nightmare that ends up in a crumpled ball inside of...yes, you guessed it...the metal trash can. But hey, that's a part of being an artist.  

Sometimes failed attempts teach you the most from your mistakes. 

I love hearing where others get their inspiration in comparison to me, such as in cooking, design, marketing, fashion, you name it. So that's a question for you to answer: what do you love to do, and where do you find inspiration?

{So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to Pasadya and make her lovely blog one of your go-to spots for inspiration! Isn't she lovely?} 

{not-so-mellow) Yellow!

Mellow Yellow. Certainly not how I've been feeling lately. Things are looking up. I am ready for August to begin. I'm excited for the fall season but also still happy it's still summer.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors - - especially for the summertime. Did you know that in the country of Japan, the color yellow stands for courage?

Next time, when someone hands you a bucket full of lemons, don't just make lemonade. Make whatever the heck you want - -  chicken picatta, lemon cheesecake, use it to dry up a zit, to wash your hands, blueberry lemon cobbler, you call the shots.

Here is a collection of all things yellow that caught my eye on Pinterest.

Love. This. Song. "Yellow" by Coldplay.

Laugh it up.

1. It massages our major organs.
2. Lowers stress hormones while improving your immune system.
3. Laughing for just 15 minutes a day can help you lose weight!
4. It's an inexpensive medicine that may reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.
5. Even dogs, apes, and rats can laugh.
Arrested Development

The perfect fabric softener

What goes on in my mind if anyone tries buying me a drink..

A clever Halloween costume from the show The Big Bang Theory

How I feel after watching these amazing shows. 
All funny images can be found here.

What are your favorite comedies?

What kind of sense of humor do you have? Quirky, dark, goofy, etc.

Any fun plans for the weekend? 

I am Grateful for...

Dear Arizona, you really do have wonderful blue skies that should have inspirational quotes written all over it.

What's better than books that are half-priced? Books that are half-priced on a beautiful sunny day.
"Gucci Gucci Coo". Really? Reminds me of Gucci Bandana! Some great classics were found in this bookstore as well. Have you guys seen the Dark Knight Rises?!? Amazing.

On the way to a lovely breakfast with my sweet. Some beautiful mountains and scenery!

I'm a sucker for horoscopes. I know, I know...many of them are made up. But sometimes it's kooky when it's pretty true! And, why is it that 90% of the time, my name is spelled Kathy rather than Cathy? Time to start giving out fake names at Starbucks.
The Breakfast Joynt. He got Bacon Waffles because he is a huge fan of this. I got the whole grain fruit crepes but instead of fruit sauce, I got chocolate sauce. That's how I roll.
And this is how I roll as well. With my love and with my hair all over my face. See those rocks? It says "Dan + Cathy, We rock together!" Those rocks have been nestled next to my man's parking spot for the last several months. Every few months or so, they get rearranged by complete strangers! They were even written over with blue markers because the original ink was fading.

It's nice that strangers can be nice.
Thank you Arizona, for you always have the best skies...day, afternoon, or night.

This week, I am grateful for the ability to make healthy eating choices, spending time with amazing people, giving 100% at the gym, 30 Rock episodes, and perfect weather.

What about you? 

Makeover Monday {eight.o}

I'll be honest with you. I'm not always the super positive and optimistic person this blog might make me out to be. Trust me, I have my days. It's been more than 2 months since I have returned from being overseas and still find myself adjusting to certain areas in my life. I don't have my dream career. I don't work out as hard as I want to sometimes. I worry about things that I probably shouldn't even be worrying about like the pimple I currently have on my face or the broccoli that I overcooked the other night.

But you know what? 

I do get up each time, brush those things off, and keep going at it. That's what is awesome about life. You're given a second chance each moment you believe it truly is a second chance (I hope that made sense). That's why I made Makeover Mondays. The comments that I get from you all lift me up and I always want to return that favor. To lift you up. To tell you that it's okay and that you are the creator of your world, no one else. 

So, here it is. Here's to a fresh, brand spankin' new Monday. A new week. Make it yours. It has always been yours. 
Your thoughts create your existence. Don't you think so?

What's on your bucket list? Why not start now?

A few things I found that made me giggle...a lot. Don't you hate that hair tie issue?

Don't be afraid. There's absolutely nothing to lose. Give it your all today, tomorrow, and the next - - I bet you'll be pleased with what you're capable with.

All motivational, funny, and inspirational images can be found here

Weekend Roundup {dust storms, cute bunnies, and more}

Before I begin this post, I just want to send my thoughts and prayers out to the families that were affected from the Dark Knight Rises opening in Aurora, Colorado. Although I studied Psychology for my graduate degree, I'm still at a complete lost as to the reasoning behind this tragic event.

This made me realize how short life really is. You just never know when it's your last moment here on Earth. We must always be grateful for what we have and continue to show our loved ones how much we care - - all the time.

I hope everyone had a nice and safe weekend - - so without further ado, here is my weekend round up.
A photo taken by my friend J
How gross does this look? This is not uncommon in Arizona. Another dust storm during monsoon season. Yuck!

Have you ever tried smushing sweet potatoes with black beans, adding a little cumin and paprika, then frying it up on the pan? It's a super healthy vegetarian burger with tons of nutrition. I also added some sliced avocados and a raspberry chipotle sauce. The recipe I tried can be found here.

Amaze Balls! They're like little protein balls perfect before or after a workout! Recipe can be found here.

Remember how much I hate cardio, expressed in a previous post? Well, guess what. I still do but it doesn't mean I'm not trying. In the first picture, it took me 15 minutes just to finish a mile. Blah! However, it took me 13 minutes to do a mile a few days later. Small goals really do work!!

How about those bunnies??? If there is any animal that can truly warm up my soul, it's those darn bunnies. And I'm loving the hello kitty batman too!!

Awesome, awesome shoes that I can't quite afford...yet. 

Try this mini test out! Find any movie that has 1) at least two women in it, 2) who talk to each other, and 3) about something besides a man. Interesting stuff, right?? That's it for my weekend roundup! What did you get into this weekend, everyone?  Pretty images can be found here

...But I Don't Feel Like Working Out.

Some days, I go to bed anxious to wake up the next morning, and work my butt of at the gym. Let's just say I consider those days my 'awesome motivational days that don't require motivation' and I better be grateful for that.

So, what about those other days? When I tell myself the night before, 'I'm going to lace up my shoes first thing in the morning after my protein shake and head straight out the door' - - but in reality, the morning drags on , I eat a huge breakfast and tell myself I have to wait for my food to digest...and before I know it...the excuses start coming out in all different directions. It sucks. I'm not a fan of those days..

But there is hope. In fact, my sweety recently told me hope is stronger than fear - - don't ever forget that. Here are some of my strategies that get me through those lazy days:







Jillian Michaels, Blogilates, Fitsugar.comhttp://www.fitsugar.com/, and fitnessista.

It seems every time I have a "lazy" or "non productive" moment, I follow this cycle and by the time I'm done browsing images of my favorite role models, I'm packing up my gym bag! I hope it works for you but if there is anything else you want to add that aids in motivating you, please share with all of us!

Fitness images can be found right over here

Tartine, a dream bakery.

If you are in the San Francisco, California area, you must stop by the lovely Tartine bakery. It is owned by a talented couple who studied baking in Paris and brought back their inspirations to the West Coast. I wish I can say I have been there myself but I have yet to make it out there (I still plan to someday!). The reason why I am confident this place will blow your mind is because many years ago, I purchased the Tartine cookbook, followed the recipes diligently, and made some exceptional desserts.

See that banana chocolate tart right above? There is caramel in between one of those layers and is made from scratch! This bakery always reminds me of that film Julie and Julia - - remember that film?

All pretty images can be found here

What Makes Your Happy Heart Beat? by Angie

Isn't the blogging atmosphere great? Not only do you get to hear so many wonderful stories from real people - - you can make great friends from all over the world! Who here is a fan of healthy eating and also staying positive & bubbly? I know I am. That's why I want to introduce to you today Angie from Dishes Undressed! An enthusiastic cook from the UK bursting with personality, I am thrilled to have Angie talk to you about her inspirations. Over to you, love!
A big hello to everyone, all the way from England! I’m Angie and I hope you’re having a great day! Today I’m honoured and excited to be guest posting for Cathy.  I met Cathy in the ‘blog-o-sphere’ recently and fell in love with her inspiring journey on Cathy Trails.  I just loved the vibe here so much and it brings a happy heart beat every time I visit!

Today I’ve come by Cathy Trails to share with you some of my favorite inspiring quotes and images (with a travelling theme) - which I also know Cathy is a fan of! Do you love to travel too?
Souces: 1) Wanderlust, 2) ‘life is for deep kisses’ http://highestheels.tumblr.com/#‘, 3) passionately curious’
Because I love food (and especially eating fresh, healthy food) the first picture here is some good points to remember about food.  I carry a notebook with me all the time and write down lots of things I see, hear or eat.  I then take a photo and Instagram it – got to love Instagram, right!

The next image is a little picture I designed – I am a huge yoga fan and wherever I am in the world, I take my mat with me and have to yogaise.  Without yoga, I get pretty lost and bummed.  If you haven’t already tried yoga, please do, it will change your life.

The beach shot is the last photo I took of my favourite beach in Western Australia the day I left to return back to the UK.  The colours really are that vibrant in WA, there is practically no editing on this picture and it’s a beautiful happy memory.

The next little picture is another one I made (I love stamping, doodling and drawing!)  because one of my other loves is… yes, you’ve got it, coffee!! 
My favourite place to be is sitting in a favourite cafĂ©, drinking a good coffee, with wonderful company.  I could be anywhere in the world.  Even if I sit by myself I enjoy watching the people and world around me.

My love affair with food came from my travels too – trying new food from new cultures really opened my mind and taste for flavour combinations using herbs and spices, fresh fruit and vegetables.  Great food with great company makes for a happy heartbeat.

What makes your happy heart beat?  Do you have a travel fantasy, or do you love to share good coffee and conversation?  Where would you be if you could close your eyes and magic yourself there right now?

Thanks for having me visit your blog today Cathy  - and her lovely readers! I hope to see you soon for more adventures!

Check out Angie's lovely blog over at Dishes Undressed where you can find tons of healthy and super easy to follow recipes! :) 

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