Pre-Weekend Ponderings

Happy Friday! I'm feeling great today, got called into Jury Duty but only had to stay for 1 hour (yes!!), got a chance to catch up on my Bossy Pants book by Tina Fey, reflect on this past week (as well as the year 2012 thus far), chug a spinach/banana/apple/pineapple smoothie, and look forward to a great season ahead. September, my birthday month! I'll be turning 28 soon. I'm not scared of getting older, I'm actually excited to be one year wiser (this may not be a real word, but I'm going with it). Below are some fun photos I found from the past year as well as photos that represent my tendencies (and some that are there for entertaining purposes only).
Courtesy of my brother Dennis 
via Pinterest
Via  Pinterest

Via Pinterest
This last picture was from Halloween. I didn't know what I was dressing up as, but I definitely wanted to try the fro. I hope by sharing these photos will bring a smile to your face. By the way, I'll be announcing the winner of the Sephora giveaway this weekend! Stay tuned friends! 

5 Things I'm Working on

1. Being creative with my style, tricking people into thinking I am fashionable, and essentially, working with what I have. Do I have a lot of clothing items to work with? Not at all. Do I have massive closet space as a result of me selling/donating 90% of my wardrobe before traveling for 5 months? Yup! As I slowly start to rebuild my wardrobe, I learned that mint green goes really well with grays. Who knew?!
2. Making the time for it, especially if it's really important to you. While I'm still getting adjusted to a pretty demanding work schedule (M-Th 10am-8pm, F 10am-2pm), I'm realizing that I don't have a lot of time to do everything I want to do. One of my main goals is to continue working out and feeling good about myself so I make time for it, no matter how exhausted I am in the morning or night. I wish I had more time in the day - - but then I also realized wishing it does nothing. Don't try it. It doesn't work. Just schedule it and go.
3. Being nice to strangers, even at the gym. Even when they come off creepy and continue to talk to you about their recent business trip to California while you're doing crunches or stretches, and even more ironic that your name is Jim...from the gym. (Note: It will be my last week at this gym and will be using my boyfriend's gym starting this week...[insert sigh of relief])
4. Making my own meals and bringing it to work. There are days when I just don't feel like hard-boiling my eggs or making a sandwich the night before - - but has it been worth it? Yes, yes, and yes. I'm not really down with the vending machines that claim to have "food" in them. Highly processed and I won't get anything from it but bad crap into my system. Below you can see some of the groceries I tend to get (foods that are easy to prepare and some only require rinsing):
5. Taking it easy. Taking it slow. I tend to push myself and get discouraged. Sometimes I'll forget about the things I have accomplished and instead, dwell on the things I didn't get done. For every few things I do accomplish, that small goal that I didn't quite meet will nag the crap out of me. Why? My bad habit. I'm going to continue working on appreciating myself more. Otherwise, I might end up like the girl I met yesterday who only sleeps for 3 hours each night, and hates her life [true story].

Talk time: What are you working on this week? What kind of week has it been for you? Do you tend to wear yourself thin or the opposite?

My Sephora Eye Makeup giveaway has officially ended! The winner will be chosen randomly and will be contacted as well as announced on my blog soon!

It's almost the weekend! Hoorah! Pat yourself on the back and know that your comments always make my day ;) 

4 days in a Dream.

I know I've mentioned my trip to Rome with you all before. But I'm pretty sure it was short and sweet (the proof lies in this post) and never shared more fun pictures. To be dead honest with you, sometimes I can't believe my boyfriend and I was there this year. A dream come true. 

Well, guess what. Hop on over to Dreams in a Poppy Field and you can find more pictures and why I love/miss this place so friggin' much. 
P.S. Looking for a lovely place to get lost? Miss Beth will surely take you there on her lovely blog Dreams in a Poppy Field. I promise!

3 Tips from Beth

Lacking that added oomph in your life? How about the perfect blog to go along with that scone and cup of tea? No problem. Beth, one of my favorite bloggers, always has the most upbeat and serene attitude to provide the much needed calm in your storm. I'm so very happy to her share thoughts on life with you all today and hope this makes your heart flutter, like it did to mine. 

Hey everyone I'm Beth from Dreams In A Poppy Field..., I was absolutely honoured when Cathy asked me to do a guest post for her. I really love her blog because she acts as such an inspiration. I particularly love her Makeover Monday Series, some of the quotes she finds really helps me to reevaluate my perspective on certain areas of my life, so I thought I would share some quotes that sometimes influence how I live my life.
This is one of my favourite quotes of all time (I've even included it in my personal statement for University). It just helps reminds me that there is no point in trying to be like anyone else, or like a "perfect" celebrity, because perfection is an inhuman concept, that can't be achieved, we were all made to be unique and individuals, even identical twins aren't the same, so what is the point in trying to change something that is already amazing. The chance of you existing the way you do is so slim that is a miracle that each individual is here on this earth, so if someone doesn't like you for who you are, then good riddance to them.
What a beautiful way of reminding everyone to appreciate what is around them, whether it be nature, your family or a good book. Modern life is very fast paced and we all desperately try to keep up with it, which can cause us to not realise what magical things are already around us. So please for me, this evening, snuggle up with your other half and tell them you love them, or go out with your friends and just appreciate what you have while you still have it. I know what it's like first hand to lose the ones you love (including family and friends), and I really wish I had appreciated each and every one of these lovely people more.

Basically you should always do what you want (in a good way, please don't use me as an excuse to go rob a shop, that's just not nice), because when you find what you are really meant to do, you could go anywhere and make so much of yourself. Mistakes need to be made when you're young so that when you are older you know you have lived your life to the fullest, because no one really knows if we get another chance at life.

Thank you so much for having me Cathy. And if I have touched even just one person with what I've said then I will be more than happy. Have a lovely day everyone. 

Makeover Monday {13.0}

Good morning lovely readers! I hope your weekend was filled with joy, laughter, and something you can positively reflect on throughout this last week of August. My weekend? I experienced watching a movie (the Bourne Legacy) while enjoying dinner for the first time, worked out my legs and backside pretty hard, found some new work clothes, and took a glorious nap on Saturday. I refuse to let anyone take those naps away from me (on the weekends, that is).

I'll be honest. I was just griping to my boyfriend about having to work 10 hours, 4 days this week - - something I'm not used to. Thoughts like, 'how am I possibly going to get through such a long long day?!'...He reminded me to not only be grateful that I found a job...but also to remember the motivation behind working hard. That hard-earned money will be used to provide the clothes for my back, the healthy foods I eat, the memories I will continue to create with my loved ones, and so much more.

So let's not forget that although those days may seem long - - the years are short. Isn't 2012 just flying by already??
But we really don't. Not to get dark or morbid here, but we could be gone tomorrow. Embrace today, everyday. And be sure to put on your sassy pants!
Yes, there are going to be bad days. There will be days when you might feel a little self-conscious about having fun. But, you know what? I think people look their very best when they just don't care, and have a grand ol' time.
Dress it up. Dress sharp. Looking your best makes you feel so good about yourself. Just don't dress up like Batman (wait, I take that whatever you want, just make sure you have fun!)
Sometimes hesitation can be a killer. Don't hesitate to speak out, to take that first step, to stand out. We're not here to blend in, we're here to make the most out of this one lifetime. Jump! Be you!
I love cardigans. Why? Because they can transform any top into a 'business casual' top. This is just one of the things I am grateful for today. Cardigan super powers.
I can't tell you how many times I have thought to myself, 'I want more (insert item)', 'If only I had more (insert trait)...I'd be (insert positive emotion here).' Sorry, folks. I just don't believe it works like that. Be happy for what you have. Train your mind to be happy with what you have, because it can be taken away...anytime.
Don't worry if you don't have the ingredients to make lemonade or lemon cake. Just be happy you got a free bag of lemons! Who doesn't like free stuff? ;)
Isn't that just golden advice? Why must we give 100%? Because if we half-assed everything in life, we're empowering the possibility of regrets. Say no to regrets by putting in your all into everything. Except for blood donations. Please don't donate all of your blood, that's a no-no.
Ah, so much pressure!! I'm not sure if this is only meant to be funny but I also interpret it as working hard to shine like a diamond. It doesn't necessarily mean you always have to be under pressure to shine - - but transform that stress into strength.

Most importantly, YOU got this! Own it. Make this day rock. You're wonderful, beautiful, one-of-a-kind and if anyone says otherwise...


send them over to my blog and over to the Contact me section.

All my images can be found on my Wisdom and Laugh Pinterest boards. 

To-Do-Lists + Chuckles.

Have you laughed today yet? No? Remember some of the benefits of laughing? Well, this made me laugh so will do that for you too:
I really like this picture, a whole lot. It takes me back to the 7th grade...when a bully strategically placed an earthworm in the back of my shirt in physical education period. And how I still have a severe phobia with anything crawly and slimy. I'd like to think I've changed a lot since then, maybe even toughened up a little bit. The next time anyone attempts to push me around? This is the picture I'm going to remember, bust out a wagon, and have them push me to the candy store.

It's Saturday. I have a pretty extensive to-do list because I'm moving in with my ultra awesome boyfriend.

My To-Do-it-Today-Or-Else- I'm-Going-to-Feel-Really-Guilty List:

1. Pack all kitchen stuff into a box.
2. Throw away anything that is not currently in use or will not be used in the next 6 months.
3. Work out for 1 hour (At least 20 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of strength-training)
4. Go to H&M to purchase work appropriate clothing (without having to enter the dressing room)
5. Do 15 pushups in between my packing/cleaning sessions. 
6. Grocery shopping
7. Pack bathroom stuff into a box. 
8. Take a nap.
9. Read/comment on my favorite blogs to prove that I'm still alive and active in the community. 
10. Contemplate if I should even add another item on here...

Oh wait. Are you still not laughing? Will this do it for you? 
Ain't that the truth? My plan of attack today? Even if I fail at not completing the entire list...I'm sure I'll get better at it the next time. Oh, and hop on over to my friend Anna's Geek Can be Chic site where I introduced myself and the reasons behind my blog. 

Let's chat: What about you? Are you shooting for a productive stay-at-home type of weekend? Or are you going out, taking a weekend trip? What was it like for you moving in with your significant other? 

Happy weekend, everyone! The two funny images can be found here.

My Sephora 63 eyeshadows is still up for grabs in my giveaway! If you're feeling particularly lucky today,. check out the details here and enter!  (Note: My ducky bank is not a part of the giveaway)

Let's be honest.

For a few days now, I have been struggling to come up with a new post. A fun post. The type of post that everyone will enjoy, get a kick out of, and hopefully gain some inspiration or motivation. For all you bloggers out there - - maybe you know the feeling, maybe you don't. But there are times when I struggle with the type of things I want to convey to you because it is, after all, the world wide web.

On the other hand, this is my blog. My outlet. Maybe your outlet too. Being fake isn't cool. So here's my attempt at being cool by being real with you:

I was hoping this week was going to look like the picture below:
A motivating, inspirational, type of week - - the kind that sparks epiphanies while taking long showers or the ones encourage new goals. But facial expression in the picture below more accurately describes my week:
Note: This picture of me making a weird face was actually taken on November 5th, 2012 - - undoubtedly one of the best days of my life. To this day, I still do not know why I was making that face despite how happy I really was...

Back to my week. I was pretty much late everyday to my training class (I swear, it was out of my control...oil spill on freeway, mudspill on freeway, getting lost and refusing to buy a GPS) and am not getting enough sleep. So I kept taking pictures of pretty skies to help make me feel better:
Which, surprisingly, is a great mood booster. As well as stumbling on a random book that made me giggle:
I know, I know. I'm sure 50 Shades of Gray is fantastic but I'm just not jumping onto that bandwagon quite yet. It took me almost a year to read the Twilight series so this best seller will just have to wait. I also came across these cows in the parking lot and found it on my camera:
And realized...gee, being late to work, sometimes being sleep-deprived, and frustrated with the new schedule isn't all that bad. I've got it pretty damn good. I also stumbled upon this picture of my boyfriend's sweet daughter:
Her sweet gesture and smile reminded me that life is simple. And ultra sweet, when you take the time (and discipline!) to ignore the frustrating little things. Here is another picture of strange and beautiful skies in Arizona - - a good picture to illustrate life. Strange and beautiful, complicated yet so simple. 
Lastly, I stumbled upon this recent picture of my boyfriend's sweet girl dressed up as Merida from the Brave movie. I ended up dressing up in a bumble bee costume as well - - and together, we took the trash out - - in costumes. That's how we roll.
I guess what I'm trying to say matter how frustrating it is when a day starts out bad...or if you're feeling unmotivated or exhausted one day...each moment thereafter is an opportunity to be grateful for the things you do have...reflecting on previous happy moments to remind you there's always room for more.

So, let's be honest. We're human. We have bad days. And we have good days. The bad news? Some things are just out of our control. The good news? We always have a choice on how we want to react to it. 

Sephora Giveaway {ohhh yeaaaaa}

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a good week so far and if not, maybe a little Makeover Monday can provide a little pick-me-up. Still not helping? Understandable. Sometimes, it takes a little extra to make a day or week extra special. I hear you. On Monday, I arrived a few minutes late to my training class (I know, a huge no-no), sat down, opened up my training folder and was welcomed by...a huge spider. My nearest weapon? My pink highlighter. Don't ask me why.

Less about me. More about you.

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now.

And feel bad that I haven't done much to show you the appreciation I have for all of you lovely and talented readers. I actually wanted to do a HUGE giveaway when I hit 100 followers but as some of you may know, the job situation was only recently...resolved. Hence, the lack of a giveaway.

Who likes eyeshadow?


Who loves Sephora eyeshadow(s)?
How about 63 eyeshadow options?
That includes a mini portable eyeshadow case that is customizable?!?
To bring with you everywhere you want depending on the occasion?

Rules to Enter Giveaway:

A $210 dollar value, folks. It's worth a shot.  

Anyone from any country can enter. (I will ship it to you!) 

Leave a comment letting me know what you did from the below list: 

1. Become a follower via GFC.
2. Follow me via Twitter.
3. Follow me via Bloglovin.
4. Like Cathy Trails Facebook page.
5. Post giveaway on Facebook and pin to top.
6. Tweet this giveaway. 

Each comment is only 1 entry so please be sure to leave a comment for each thing you do! 

The lucky winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday August 29th, 11:59PM Arizona time and will be announced here on Cathy Trails.

Makeover Monday {12.0}

Happy new week, friends and new visitors! It was my first weekend off from my first week of full-time employment. Filled with cupcake-making, playing dress up with the little one, quality time with the loves of my life, working out, grocery shopping, reading, and buying a new book (yay!) and even more exciting, preparing for a fun giveaway (details coming soon!), let's just say, I'm ready for the next weekend to come.

Until then, we've got to do our very best to make this week splendid. Amazing. Freakin' fantastic and out of this world, a week like none other before. Why?

Well...why the heck not?

Here we go.
Be the optimist. Find the good things in the bad things. Look at it as a challenge, rather than a downfall. It's good practice.
Remember those not-so-pleasant experiences a few months ago? Years ago? Didn't you learn quite a bit from them? Let's apply that wisdom to this moment. And let those experiences shape you into a better, more intelligent you.
You know what I heard the other day that really stuck with me? "The days are long, but the years are short" (I'm not sure who it was from). I'm training at work today and there's no doubt in my mind I'll have a moment of, 'Ugh, when can I get off of work already?' but need to remind myself that this is IT. This is my life. Embrace it before it flies by.
Oh, Woody Allen. Ever since watching Annie Hall with my boyfriend, I have this new found respect and admiration for this talented individual. Let's take his words of advice and learn how to face the possibility of failure. Failing isn't bad. It's the act of not even trying that's bad. Just my own interpretation of it.
Who wants to have a bad day? No one and definitely not me. So what can we do about it? Lots! Happiness is not obtained from getting a promotion, buying a new car, finding the latest application for your phone...Happiness is from your own heart. Believe you're happy, and you're happy. (Okay, maybe you can get a little happy from buying a new car and all - - but trust me, that happiness is derived from a different place and won't last as long). Choose happiness.
Monday, August 20th, 2012 will never happen again. Ever. So what are you going to do about it? Is it just going to be another day or a day to be remembered? Been planning to start that exercise routine? Now's the time. Contemplating getting back into school? Do it now. Which leads me to one of my favorite questions, "If not now, when??"
Let's focus on the quality relationships we have in our lives. Pour our energies in the direction that deserves it and avoid wasting energy that could care less about it. You have a choice to let whoever you want in your lives. They better be good enough for you. You deserve the best.
Still having a bad day after reading this post? Draw a funny picture of an animal and it's a guaranteed mood lifter.

Didn't do the job?

How about checking out my other Makeover Monday posts?

All inspiring and beautiful images can be found on my Pinterest

I Want vs. I Need

It's Friday! About to finish my first week of training for my new job and ready to tackle just one more day before the sweet weekend to come. To be quite honest with you all, I really want to do this today:
Snuggle up and read a nice book. One of the best feelings in the world honestly. However, I know I need to do this:
Work hard. Stay focused. And require this:
To remember to center myself, each moment, each minute, each second of the day to keep me going. And you know what else I really want?
A decadent breakfast. Pancakes. With tons of powdered sugar. I want it. But, I need to remind myself that I need to eat this instead:
Not necessarily blueberries and bananas all the time, but to remember that my body needs vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants to build a strong healthy body. And, to build a strong mind, I want and need this. All day:
Not owning a cat (because I'm allergic, horribly allergic) but remembering to be silly, to laugh, and to enjoy those types of moments in my day even while I'm at work. 

Happy Friday, everyone!

Images can be found here

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