Sunday's This and That.

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Some updates. I've been slacking on my workout routine. Sad. I literally went from exercising 4-5 times a week to 2 times a week. What happened? Instead of waking up just a little earlier to workout, I slept and slept...and slept some more until I had just enough time to shower, eat a bowl of cereal (half Apple Jacks and Cookie Crisp), put on light makeup, and dry my hair with the windows rolled down in my truck, a 25 minute commute to work.

Another reason why I might have been slacking on my workouts? It was my birthday week and filled with yummy foods as well as fun activities with the people I love most...but now that birthday week is definitely's GO time for October. Cool thing about life is -- each day you wake up, you've got yourself a second chance.

Update #2: I have a new boss. His philosophy? If his employees are happy and comfortable, then the results will come naturally. I couldn't agree with him more. Have you ever had a job where the type of boss you had a large impact on your working environment?  

#3. I'm 28 years old. Do I feel any different? A little. Feel older? Yeah but only because I know I just turned a different number. I feel happy. Really happy. Life is good. The house is clean, sipping on black tea, boyfriend made yet another excellent dinner, and it's Fall which means temperatures are finally cooling down in Arizona. Oh, and happy apples aka caramel & nut covered apples. These apples make people happy. Truth.

Ready for an awesome rug? Cool. Here you go. 

Today I'll start off the day chocolate chip pancakes followed with running around town, spending time with my parents, celebrating dad's birthday (got him the coolest Sylvester Stallone Rocky themed card - - you know, the ones that obnoxiously play a song when you open it up), meeting up with a gal pal and ending the night with my own sweet family.
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I hope your weekend has been delightful and wish you an even better Sunday. Here are some fun links I have collected over the week to make your Sunday rock!

- - - 

 Some of you might not know what type of style I have when it comes to fashion since I rarely do posts like that on here. But this post right here, pretty much sums up my taste quite nicely.

Feeling lazy but still want to get a good workout - - try the couch potato workout! On the other hand, if you're pumped and want to give Jessica Biel's workout a try, here it is.

By the way, if I am 58 years old and look like this, I will be one happy lady. 

Ready to laugh out loud today? Try this video and this blog post

Are you the type of person that never give yourself enough credit? Well, quit that and read this.

New to blogging? Want to make sure your blog looks clean and presentable? 5 tips on how to clean it up.

One day, I hope to be able to decorate my home like this or maybe like that. So elegant.

Because I am Vietnamese, this makes me proud to share this. Isn't she so gorgeous?

And, ready for the ultimate series of the most beautiful sunsets ever?? Here they are!

25 Excuses to Wait for your Dreams. Are you using any of these? A fabulous read if you're in need of motivation and inspiration.

Cruising into the sunset.

It's moments like these that take my breath away and shock my soul back to life. I don't know what those lines in the sky are - - but they made the sunset that much more special.

3 Ways to Make it Work

Have you ever met someone just once in your life, yet they continue to be in your life because of how well you clicked with him or her? That's how I feel about this super cool gal, Eve. We met in Prague, continued to stay in contact through each others' blogs and Facebook. DO check out her lovely blog Pleine de Vie because it contains great stories, fashion advice, quirky recaps, and all things delightful. Today, Eve is going to talk to you about how to maintain a healthy long distance relationship by using three clever tips ( FYI: can also be applied to close distance relationships too)! Photobucket I met Cathy at a hostel we stayed at in Prague way back in January. It's nice to overhear American accents when you've been living abroad for so long (it had been four months for me by then), so on top of that, hearing Cathy's bubbly, upbeat voice caught my attention right away. Soon enough, a group of us girls were out grabbing a glass of wine or two, getting to know one another while attempting to stay out of the bitter cold. A very important part of our lives came up in the conversation right away: our boyfriends back at home in the States. Amazingly enough, three of us girls were in the same situation. Some newer relationships, some older, but long-distance love nonetheless. I was asked when we were apart, and asked even now that we're reunited: "HOW do you guys do it??" Photobucket It's REALLY difficult. Really difficult, I say. But not impossible. Communication is key in any relationship, which is why it makes it so rough being so far apart. When your significant other is not physically there to catch up with, to vent to, to hear about your day, etc. we are forced to resort to phone calls, texts, emails. But how hard is it to hash out problems without working and feeding off of facial expressions, body language, real tears, real laughter? (Add to that a nine-hour time difference, in my case.) There are some things you just can't control. But taken what you're given, you can find creative, extremely simple ways to keep the love intact regardless of the miles that separate you. My examples will revolve around emails, because that was the best way that worked for us. My classmate and her boyfriend wrote letters, (super romantic, right?) but it didn't really reflect my boyfriend's style, which I was totally okay with. Depending on what your distance allows, you can replace it with whatever mode best suits your relationship. OK, here's the game. Daily emails, addressing at LEAST the following three questions (and rules? No rules, get as random as you'd like):

1.) Pits and Peaks. I found that it was really hard to get a good idea of what was going on in each other's day to day lives, those moment to moment details. These are the details that bring us closer, and missing out was really hard. By the time we were able to talk, they were either forgotten or seemingly irrelevant. Thus, my pits and peaks suggestion. Every day, document the day's pit (worst) and peak (best) moments. It was a great way to sort of jog our memories as to what took place in our day. Photobucket 2.) "Remember when..." From first date jitters, to the day he saw you off at the airport. From embarrassing shared experiences to never-before-exposed thoughts you had during moments spent together. Reminiscing on events and memories spent has always invoked such positive feelings for me, and in reliving those moments together it can bring unexpected bursts of happiness to your day. Photobucket 3.) "I love you because..." I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it right away. Stating why you love the person every day -- no matter how small or meaningless it may seem -- is definitely a way to reaffirm to one another, especially in a long distance relationship, that that person is worth sacrificing the time apart for. Not only that, but sometimes we tend to just get comfortable and assume that the other person knows how we feel. But it never hurts to remind the people in your life why you love them. I think it's a great thing to do with everyone in your life, regardless of how far away they are. Shoot, I want one of these in my house when I'm married. Those words just don't ever wear out. And you find that the reasons why you do seem endless. Photobucket
And that's it! Told you it was easy. There are so many other ways you can go about it, too. Use these three simple questions. Add more. Make your own list of questions. You know what works for you. I have found that it has been the little things -- the little gestures, the short emails, the brief flashbacks from memories -- that have struck a chord in me more than anything else. I received the simplest Valentines Day card in the mail and wanted to bawl my eyes out, it made me so happy (contradictory, yes, but that's me). So run with it, get creative. And don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it work. Oh, and how did people ever survive without Skype??

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Today is my Birthday

28 years ago from today, I was born in California, USA. And man, oh man, it has been an adventure. Yesterday, while working, I was reflecting on the past 27 years of my life when it hit me, "Today is the last day I will be 27 - - ever. What do I want to do for my last day and night of being 27?"

For the first time in my life, I didn't want to be anywhere else but here. Even when I was told to make a wish while the candle was lit on top of my ice cream bowl, my mind went blank - - and didn't wish for a single thing. Is this what true happiness is? Or did I just encounter wisher's block? I'd like to think it was the latter :)

In addition, I received a sweet email from a fellow blogger buddy wishing me a happy birthday. Her name is Angie from Dishes Undressed. She made an awesome Pinterest board called Happy Birthday Cathy, and pinned all the things she thought I would love. Let's just say, she knows me well. Here is a glimpse of the board:
Thank you Angie.

So how did I spend my last night of being 27? In the most amazing way ever. My boyfriend made me one of my favorite meals, his famous chicken tacos. It was a chicken taco massacre (pretty sure I killed at least 6 tacos) while watching Walking Dead. It doesn't get any better than that. Oh, but there's more! Much more! Below is a glimpse of my phenomenal pre-birthday weekend bonanza:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
In case you're wondering, yes that's Justin Beiber on a cupcake. I thought I would add this photo because I couldn't believe these were at work.

To properly wrap up my 27 years, I thought I would share 27 things I am truly grateful for, especially during this past year of my life: 

1. Starting a relationship with the love of my life and my best friend.

2. My health and only getting sick once while traveling.

3. Traveling for 5 months.

4. Obtaining my Master's degree.

5. My mother who isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

6. My father who will always look at me as his little girl.

7. My younger brother and how proud I am of him.

8. My blog and seeing the progress.

9. Starting a workout plan and sticking to it for more than 3 months.

10. Found a job after coming back from traveling.

11. Couch surfing and finding out the world is kind.

12. Making new friends across the world through the blogging community.

13. The precious relationship I have with my boyfriend's daughter.

14. My car that continues to function after so many years.

15. Having the guts to quit a full-time job to travel the world.

16. Having the guts to return from traveling the world, and starting all over again.

17. Finally understanding the saying, "If it's meant to be, it's meant to be."

18. Getting to know my extended family in Vietnam, and learning about my history.

19. Coming home to my own bed after many months of couchsurfing abroad.

20. Learning more about myself each and every day.

21. The power behind telling someone "I love you" in person after being away for several months.

22. Free filtered water in a to-go cup at any Starbucks. Is this only in America?

23. Burt's Bees grapefruit flavored chapstick.

24. Getting along great with my boyfriend's mother.

25. Knowing that I can do the best that I can, and if I fail, it's okay. In fact, it's more than okay. (I think I just barely got the hang of this a week ago)

26. I'm going to have to say it. Pinterest. It's just so much fun and great for inspiration.

27. Being alive to type this out and having the guts to share my 27 things I'm grateful for to friends, strangers, and whoever comes across this blog. Thanks for listening and wish you a happy birthday when it comes around. Don't be shy- leave a comment.

(28). Comments. I'm grateful for those too. I know I said I would only share 27 things so that's why I put parentheses around #28.

Have a happy Tuesday, loves!

Makeover Monday 17.0

Friday High-Fives.

Thank Gilligan it's Friday. Isn't it strange to reflect back on the week and feel as if the week went by slow as well as fast? Work-wise: the week felt like it was stretched to its maximum capacity and dragged like no other. Life-wise: the week zoomed right on by. Some highlights from my week: 

As of this past Monday, was the start of my birthday week. I'm sure I have mentioned it on my blog before boyfriend is awesome and I don't know how I got so lucky. He told me, on Monday, that he has a little surprise planned for me on each day leading up to my birthday, September 25. On one night, he had a filet mignon ready for me when I got home from work. He's a keeper, something I've known for some time now. Okay, okay - - enough with me being a cheeseball, right? So, what kinds of things do you have planned for your birthday week? Or do you have a birthday month? Typically, I like to stay conscious of the fact that it is my last week (or month or whatever) being this age - - appreciate it. 

I got an IPOD shuffle. From the awesome man in my life, and I'm kind of intimidated. I'm not sure how to put music on that thing (it's so small!!) besides using the Itunes store. Can't these things just come with music? Either way, I'm just excited to start listening to music...while I work out! I hear for some people, they can't work out without music. What about you? Does music affect your exercise routine? 

 I work out my arms in my cubicle at work - - and I don't care what others think. I bought 10lb dumbbells and when I start to feel a little stressed or bored, I strive to knock out a few sets of bicep curls and tricep extensions. I can't express to you how satisfying this feels - - to get paid at work to work AND exercise. Multi-tasking. Gotta love it.

Got hooked on a new TV show. Have you heard of Walking Dead? It's a zombie drama. Ah, it's soo good. You know a tv show is really good when all you want to do is avoid all possible responsibilities, curl up with a blanket, and watch it straight through. Oh, Netflix. I love and kind of hate you at the same time.

No embarrassing zits or acne on my face during birthday week for lovely photos. Yup. Highlight. For sure. 

This weekend. Yes, oh yes. What's on my plate? Birthday lunch with my mans today (!!) Then Judge Dredd in 3D. A going away party on Saturday. My birthday dinner with the fam. And I must squeeze in some Walking Dead as well as some fun blog posts! 

Tell me about your plans. Not eating your vegetables? Check out this video.  

Need some motivation? This might help:

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Photo/Day Goal 1.0

Remember when I shared with you my 4 simple goals before 2013? And one of them was to snap a photo each day of absolutely anything - - essentially training my brain to find the beauty in everyday life? Cool. I'm happy you do remember that. But if you don't, refer to the link I included up above.

Below you will see a random collection of photos I have snapped recently since I started working on my 4 goals as of 9/13. If you're wondering why I took a picture of a duck made out of wicker, carrying mozzarella cheese or why I chose to include a picture of Naked Juice (on sale!) probably don't know me well enough and need to continue reading my blog to fully understand my appreciation of odd things. My logical reasoning for taking any of these photos was, 'If it made me smile, it's worth taking a pic of it.'

By the way, it's officially my birthday week! Yay!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Have you started working on your 4 Simple Goals before 2013 yet? If so, please link back and let me know! I'd love to read yours! :)

Put on your fancy pants because Wednesday is going to rock. I feel it.


Me enjoying an omelette and soup at The Good Egg

Loving: The month of September. Although I'm in Arizona and it hasn't cooled down yet, I can still feel something in the air shift, indicating that it is in fact, the beginning of Fall. It's funny to me when I see people sporting scarves already (especially because it's still summer temperatures) and rocking the leather shows me that people are excited about the season too by using Fall fashion to rebel against desert-like weather. In less than 2 weeks, I'll be turning 28 and for the first time in my life, I'm not worrying about birthday plans; just letting things go with the flow, truly loving it.

It's only been less than a week but already loving the 4 Simple Goals Before 2013. I've been working on my goals each day and already I feel the goals create more feelings of self-satisfaction. Each day, I strive to snap a photo of something I appreciate, whether small or big - - it serves as a reminder to be grateful of something every single day!

Reading: Two books right now. I Was Told There'd Be Cake: Essays by Sloane Crosley, a book I am borrowing from a co-worker. Do you ever just agree to read someone's recommended book to encourage friendship building, especially when it's a new friend? She has a very witty way of telling her stories and makes me want to think her essays are all 100% personal life stories from her own, but I can't tell. Very witty, but I'll admit some of her essays are random like volunteering for a butterfly museum for the first time and (yawn) how it ended...Which explains why..

I picked up a second book which is called The Oz Principle by Tom Smith. A book that puts a positive spin on the word accountability, and not only when things get rough. Because we own our success, we will never be successful if we are to play the victim or blame game. It's a very motivating book if you need a pick-me-up for work. I like to read a few pages before I actually start working in the morning, and it serves well for a 'ready, set, Go' moment.

Watching: Thank you, Netflix. I love you. Never again, will I need to suffer through commercials and unwanted television. As of last few weeks, these are some of the movies/shows I watched:

The Biggest Loser (Season 1 - - my workout role model Jillian Michaels is in this one...YES!)
Jiro Dreams of Sushi (A documentary about a famous sushi chef in Japan that has a restaurant in a subway station - - he even won the Michelin award)
The Secret (I appreciate the gist of it..however, I appreciate the cheesy acting more)

Thinking About: How I totally slacked off working out last week. I worked out today for 40 minutes and on a weekday last week, for about 20-30 minutes. I could blame it on my demanding work schedule, my lack of energy, and my love for reading - - but The Oz Principle has taught me that blaming other circumstances will never fully solve the problem. So, what's the bottom line? I chose to not wake up an hour early on the weekdays and wanted to sleep instead. My fault, 100%. The beauty of failing or not meeting personal goals, though?

There's a second chance, if you choose to take it. I'm going to try again this week.

Anticipating: Gosh, I know it's early in the week but I'll admit it - - I can't wait for the weekend to get here already! There's lots of social events coming up such as a friend's going away party and my birthday celebration with my loved ones. Because I worked 6 out of the 7 days last week, I can't wait to only work 5 days. Yes....

Wishing: I was better with time management, especially when it has to do with my precious blog. Ever since I started working full time, I feel that I haven't been able to dedicate my time to my blog as much as I'd like to and hope that you are all still finding my blog, interesting in any way. I hear about moms out there that have a full-time job and own a business, that can still manage publishing a post every single day! I wish I can be like that...I'm working on it the best way that I can. I wish and I hope you know that even though I've had a few days off from blogging due to adjusting - - I will fully adjust one day and find a good balance.

Stressing about: I was stressing about my current job (hardcore). It got real ugly. I would bring the stress and pressure I gathered from work back to my the work stress never left my body and mind. So, what was the big deal, you may ask? I was honestly just worrying about meeting certain goals, even though I've only been there about a month now. I didn't fully appreciate the good efforts I made and let the little 'failures' ruin my day. I was an idiot to let such things ruin a day...I think I'm a lot better about it now, and will apply a couple of new perspectives I learned last week, into this new week.

Making me Happy: Weekends with my boyfriend and his daughter. Weekends in general. Lasagna. Italian food, just all of it. Mini golf with loved ones. Cool September evenings. Reading my favorite blogs. My workout text buddy (we hold each other accountable to work out). Hot Lipton Tea. Protein Shakes. And blogging. Yeah, it always feels good to put my thoughts down on virtual paper and publish it for the whole world to see. Not caring what others think of me makes me happy, because I'm happy to be me.

What about you? What's stressing you out but also making you happy? Watching anything worth noting as of late? What books do you recommend (I'm almost done with my two and need more!)? As always, thanks to Danielle for the inspiration behind creating posts like these.

Makeover Monday {16.0}...Are you guilty of this?

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I know I am. Even though it's okay to continue that journey for more happiness, don't overlook the happiness you've got going on right now, right here.

4 Simple Goals Before 2013

After reading A Beautiful Mess: 4 Simple Goals (before 2013), and realizing the year 2013 is lurking around the corner, I got an ah-ha moment. You know, the feeling you get after something striking a distinct chord in you. To be honest, I've been so wrapped up with my new job (1 month since I started) what with adjusting to the new schedule, meeting new faces, accomplishing work goals, and essentially doing my best to drive myself nuts and get into the tendency of over perfecting every aspect of my new job...I almost forgot that the year is getting close to an end.

Let's just say, that post gave me a much needed perspective. We have a little over 3 months left of 2012 to cherish. Is there anything you haven't accomplished this year yet? How about a reverse New Year's resolution and create 4 simple goals, blog about each one, and have December 31st, 2012 be our deadline?

You in? Great. Me too. Here are the rules:

1. Choose simple goals that will make you happier. Nothing too crazy like, "Find a six figure income by the end of the year" but rather "Tell a stranger hello everyday" or "Exercise twice a week".

2. Do not make your goals results-oriented like "Get a promotion". Opt for action-oriented goals like "Find a mentor you respect and have a weekly meeting".

3. Make it personal. Ask yourself, 'does this goal add value to my life?'

4. Reward yourself to maintain the motivation. Give yourself credit!

5. Share it with all of us by blogging about it. You can either blog about each goal as you accomplish it and/or create a post about accomplishing all of them!

Let's do this! Here's mine:
1. Try a new workout routine each week. I am proud to say I have been consistently working out the whole summer. However, I have found that it is easy to do the same exact workout routine for months and months. What does that mean for my body? Plateau. Big time. I'm not challenging my muscles as much as I used to and feel by accomplishing this goal, I'll get stronger and feel more fit. I love checking out what Fitnessista is up to because she always has fun new workouts in store.
2. Eat a veggie, everyday. When I reflect on my eating habits, it's vegetables that I am slacking on. We all know how good vegetables are for us - - as snacks, lunches, dinners, anytime really. I vow to eat at least one type of vegetable each day. (Today, I had a huge chicken salad...lettuce counts, right?)
3. Read a book, monthly. It makes me happy to know that I am expanding my mind in a purposeful manner, and don't ever want to stop this healthy mental habit. I feel smarter. More alert. I'm currently working on two books right now, one is a self-help, the other is a fun and witty collection of essays. I'll be sure to blog about those soon!
4. Snap a photo, everyday. I find that it's easy to get mixed up in your days, especially working long hours the way I have been. I'll admit, it was easier to take a picture, everyday, when I was traveling simply because there was always something new to look at. A new building, new people, churches, landscapes. But I'm also a firm believer that you can find beauty, lovely images from everyday life. And I'm going to do that.

Your turn. What are your goals for the rest of this year?

Fortune cookie Wednesday

Aren't moments like these the best?
Oh, the simple things in life that make me so happy. Like opening up a fortune cookie and getting this:
And then coming into work and seeing this:
Makes me wonder if this is what my fortune was talking about. I sure hope not...

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Makeover Monday {15.0}

I'm going to keep this week's Makeover Monday real simple, guys. We have a choice with everything. So which one is it going to be for today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your precious life? 
Are you going to be a winner or a loser?

Have a splendid, Monday! It's up to YOU! 

Girlie Self-Portraits & Link Love.

Who knew H&M carried stylish as well as age appropriate clothing for kids? See that 'ombre' hot pink skirt she's wearing? Super adorable, right? I am very happy about that purchase. These are pictures from this past Monday. I swear, there is just something magical about a self-timer on a camera. Don't have anybody to take your picture? No problem! Set the 10-second timer, hurry up and pose before the camera clicks! Voila.
Can you see our  nails at all? We also painted our digits like a rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, and blue! I even sported my nails like that the next day to work - - I don't think there's a rule against rainbow-themed manicures in corporate settings, right? Right.

How is everyone's weekend going so far? Is the weather cooling down for everyone? It's been so cool, calm, and gray in Phoenix - I'm loving every bit of it.

Over the weekend, I spent a lot of time with my honey, organized, cleaned, worked out, and ate damn good food. I read a blog that inspired me to create 4 Simple Goals before 2013. I'll be posting mine soon!

I tried this intense workout and am feeling pretty sore today (I love that feeling because my body is telling me I worked out gooood)

Feeling a little lazy or unmotivated to get your butt moving? Read this.

Do you need to give your blog a self mini makeover? Check out this gal's tips!

Are you feeling lucky? Enter this lovely giveaway by 9/14 to win a $200 gift card!

Via Pinterest

How I Keep it Spicy..

I'm not sure if you all are ready for this. I mean, on a scale from's gotta be...

an 11. I almost had to close my eyes, hold down my other hand, and slowly use my mouse to click on the big Publish button.

But before I share my spicy tip, I want to give you a proper background before I lay this one down. Remember those Cosmopolitan magazines you used to read (or still read while standing in line at the grocery store - making sure the cover is facing down to avoid public scrutiny - - totally me)? Personally, I still like to see if this magazine has come up with any fresh material on pleasing a man or becoming your best to get a man or... (insert action item + to get/keep/attract a man/men). I've always wondered to myself, 'Is it really that complicated? I mean, are humans that complex that we need to read about the how-to strategies on attracting a mate in a magazine each month??'

So, you know what, Cosmopolitan? I'm going to tell anyone who is reading this now - - one of the best ways to keep things "spicy", "hot", "interesting", "intriguing", and/or "new" is:
To Be Yourself!

Yup. That's it. If you're silly like me, you might appreciate the following surprises I did for my boyfriend. However, if you're not the type of person to write silly random notes and hide them in unexpected places - you don't have to. It's just what I like to do - so I use my personality to keep things fun.

Exhibit A:
He thought it was the funniest thing finding a mini review on a new cereal we bought together. Krave - - it's a hit.

Exhibit B:
That's right. It was our 11 month anniversary yesterday. One month away from being together a whole year! We celebrated by getting Chinese takeout and watching an independent movie called Bernie (w/ Jack Black and Matthew Mick-con-a-hay...I seriously can't spell his last name and don't feel like Googling it). With the weather looking like this all day and night:
Paired with the Spicy chicken noodle soup from one of our favorite Chinese restaurants, and snuggling up while watching a dark comedy - - it was the best 11-month anniversary I could ever ask for. 

Reasons why blah days aren't so bad..

Yesterday was one of those days that felt like it dragged on...and on, and on. Perhaps it was because I obediently avoided the energy drink vending machine at approximately 2pm in the afternoon - - the most challenging time of day for me to regain that focus. Or maybe it was because I didn't repeat the perfect affirmation for the day, at least 3 times before starting the work day.

Get this. After parking my car and turning off the ignition - - I closed my eyes, did a mini mediation session, and envisioned myself having a great day. For some reason, that vision consisted of me meeting new people at my job, shaking everyone's hands vigorously - - while holding an animated smile, the whole time. This pseudo mediation session honestly only lasted a good 2-3 minutes but I thought it was worth a shot. As you can all imagine (based off of the name of this post), it didn't go that way. Don't get me wrong; it wasn't a horrible day, or even close to a bad was just a long Blah day.

So, what do you do when you have a long Blah day? I come up with the following reasons to remind myself how good I really have it, in hopes of encouraging a good day, some other day.

1. Even the longest day is only 24 hours. (I read this somewhere...most likely on Pinterest)
2. I am NOT related to the honey boo boo child family - - not even close.
3. I get to crash on a king size bed every night.
4. My work offers unlimited filtered water, Lipton tea, and coffee...for free. I feel like I could never take that for granted because there are other countries that definitely DON'T do that.
5. My job is indoors and is consistently 75 degrees F - - equivalent to an early summer day in California.
6. I have a job.
7. Reading her mood boards always leave me feeling calm and more grounded. 
8. Knowing that their an easy go-to place for html coding gives me peace as well. 
9. Mind over matter. Always.
10. There are always worst things out there.

After writing this list out, I do feel a lot better. So, what about you guys? What makes you feel better after one of those days? Any specific perspectives or thoughts you'd like to share to potentially turn the day around? 

Pretty flower picture can be found here.

Busy and Beautiful.

Two words that seamlessly describe the type of weekend it was for me. Busy because in just one swoop, I was able to pack/transport/unpack my belongings from one household to the next. I have officially moved in with the two loves of my life (see pic below), and am already creating precious memories (which explains the second adjective 'beautiful'). Not only did I get my nails painted in a rainbow pattern from the sweet little one, I finally saw The Muppet movie (it's actually really...really good - - even for adults!), had an appropriate cheat day for my diet (lots of pork ribs, mac & cheese, ice cream, french toast), and got in a  sweaty hardcore workout at the gym.

Yes. Busy and beautiful. How about you? If you could describe your weekend in two words, what would it be?

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