5 Things I'm Currently loving

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I am loving:

1. When things work itself out so perfectly sometimes. See that top right photo above? That was taken at the Little Mermaid Jr. play and you know what? The play, every single showing, was sold out. Called the box office, requested to be placed on every single waiting list and voila ~ guess who got two front row tickets to the play! Thank you Universe for having my back.

2. Listening to fitness/nutrition podcasts on my way to work and back home from work. Finally - a way to make the most out of my time during one of the most unpleasant activities; driving in traffic. I love Jillian Michael's podcast, fit girl, and nutrition diva.

3. Coming home from work, enjoying healthy meals with my loves while sharing stories from each other's day.

4. The fact that I've finally gotten into a good "groove" or "routine" with working out consistently. I think those podcasts play a big role...and having a workout buddy...and most of all, seeing results (as tiny as they are right now) are soo motivating!

5. Seeing my creativity levels flourish the more I learn in web design class. Can you believe we only actually use 10-12% of our brain? It makes me wonder how insanely creative we can get if we used more than that...Perhaps the Egyptians that built the pyramids used more than 12?

What are 5 things in your life you've been loving lately? Rather than focus on the things that don't go right, let's redirect our energy towards the things that DO go well.

What you think is the reality you live in.

Want the Truth?

Are you unintentionally being racist?

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On left, Cathy, On right, Connie Chung

Someone told me the other day that I looked like Connie Chung, a woman that is approximately 30 years older than me,  and has a totally different face shape too. I think the only two traits we share are short dark hair and are Asian. Oh, did I say someone? 

What I meant to say was four people total. 

It's kind of like saying Chris Brown looks like Dennis Rodman because they are both African American and have short blonde hair. 

 photo chris-brown-and-dennis-rodman_zpsbb3936b9.jpg
Exhibit B.

Have you ever received a comment that you disagreed with? I'm sure the person didn't mean to generalize me like that but I couldn't help but wonder if I really do look like Connie Chung because I actually look like her - - or is it solely based on those two traits (hair length/color + race). 

In that case, would Taylor Swift look like Britney Spears? Would Tom Cruise look like Robert Downey Jr.? Does Rihanna look like Oprah? 

Yeah, I didn't think so. :P


hello sunday + 5 recent observations

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Well, hey there! I feel like it's been so long since I've posted an update and feel like I have so much to catch you up on. A part of me is still holding onto whatever is left of Winter (I live in Arizona so I attempt to get the most value out of purchasing scarves, winter coats, boots since winter is usually short) .

With the exception of this past Thursday because there was...


HAIL! Weird. Not normal here.

What has everyone been up to? Are you anxious for Spring to come and do some Easter egg hunting/spring cleaning/St. Patrick's Day celebratin'? Or are you still in winter mode?

And what have I been up to? Loving life, honestly. It's Sunday, the sun is shining, my green tea is lovely, and once I finish up sharing my thoughts with you I have a yummy half of a chicken sandwich from Bandera. Life is good and I can't complain, I won't complain. I got an A in my first ever web design class and moving right into my second class and working my little tail off everywhere. My theme song for the week is right here.

Some Recent Observations/Thoughts

1. Why are women so vindictive towards one another? 

Scenario A: Of course, I don't believe that every woman on this planet is like this but I always seem to observe the same thing over and over. The other day, I read a FB update that involved a woman (let's call her Betty) calling another woman (let's call her Anne) a bitch just because Betty felt much older than Anne.

Scenario B: When Betty sees another woman that looks better than her, she immediately deems Anne a bitch and may even make up excuses to not give Anne credit for working hard on her physique. Example: 'Look at that skinny bitch. She must starve herself and takes diet pills to look like that." I don't remember the last time I overhead a man say, "Look at that asshole, looking all ripped up in his Gucci shirt. He must take steroids." Wait...I don't think I've EVER heard guys talk like that before!

Sigh. I want to see women have a tighter sense of community and support. I know it's not impossible because men have had it for ages now. For now, all I can do is encourage community-building between women on a small scale. Something is better than nothing.

2. No, you can't expect a fad diet or weight loss surgery to keep the weight off forever because you never understood the concept of eating right paired with regular exercise. 

3. Artificial sweeteners are gross. Fake. So are a lot of foods that are in the middle aisles of the grocery store. 

4. Oh, you want to be an astronaut? A college professor? Graphic Designer or CFO? Work for it. Hard. Just don't give up if you really want something bad. Persist and results will come. 

5. Failing to plan is planning to fail. 

Thanks for hearing me out and I hope life has been treating you all wonderfully. Have a relaxing weekend friends!


Ana from Blogmilk and her path to success

This post is about a woman.

A woman that is successful.

A strong person.

And someone who I consider to be one of my graphic/web design role models.

Her name is Ana.

This post is about Ana, the creator of Blog Milk and quite frankly, a bad ass. 
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

How did your interest get started in graphic design? 

I always knew I wanted to study something related to arts, and Graphic Design just hit the right spot with me.  I wanted to be a Children's Book illustrator and spent most of my free time writing stories and coming up with illustrations, but soon realized I loved design more and decided to take the leap to freelance.

Did you always want to be in this field?

Yes, I know it may sound boring but I was one of those kids in High School who knew exactly what they wanted to do and I took courses even through High School... that's how much I loved the idea of doing this for a living.

Tell me about a time you felt discouraged about your current career and how you overcame it.

There are always hard times and roadblocks, especially when you think you are burned out from the creative standpoint, but whenever I hit one of those it seems that just keeping myself immersed in this field and allowing myself time to live and get inspired outside my working hours helps.

Your blog layout is breathtaking and so are all of your templates. Where do you find inspiration?

Thank you so much for your kind comment :) I have to admit most of the work I do for others (custom designs) comes from trends and my deep obsession with functionality and minimalism - but when working on my own personal brands, I always do what I think is beautiful and represents who I am and what I stand for.

Name one book that has recently inspired you.

I read many books on Design, but one outside of the field that has inspired me recently is "It May Cause Miracles" 

Describe your workstation.

I currently don't have a specific space as I'm in a transition period... but white, black, chalkboard and white furniture is my go-to style.

In your opinion, what is the secret to success?

Hard work and believing in yourself. Also, I guess it really depends on peoples' personal definition of success. To me being successful is being able to do what I love every single day and being able to create things for others that represent them and knowing I rely only on my abilities and ideas.

Who is your biggest influence and/or inspiration  on your designs?

It is not someone but something - minimalism. Whether I'm creating something vintage, modern or classic, I'm always inspired by clean lines and shapes.

Any advice for aspiring designers?

My one piece of advice is that you never compare yourself to others and never wish to be like someone else so much so that you become like them. The one thing that will keep you growing is to create a style of your own. That's how you'll be able to develop it and change it to give yourself a name and style that will make you stand out form the rest.

The ultimate way to predict your future..

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