Are you unintentionally being racist?

 photo connie-chung-and-cathy_zps83368b24.jpg
On left, Cathy, On right, Connie Chung

Someone told me the other day that I looked like Connie Chung, a woman that is approximately 30 years older than me,  and has a totally different face shape too. I think the only two traits we share are short dark hair and are Asian. Oh, did I say someone? 

What I meant to say was four people total. 

It's kind of like saying Chris Brown looks like Dennis Rodman because they are both African American and have short blonde hair. 

 photo chris-brown-and-dennis-rodman_zpsbb3936b9.jpg
Exhibit B.

Have you ever received a comment that you disagreed with? I'm sure the person didn't mean to generalize me like that but I couldn't help but wonder if I really do look like Connie Chung because I actually look like her - - or is it solely based on those two traits (hair length/color + race). 

In that case, would Taylor Swift look like Britney Spears? Would Tom Cruise look like Robert Downey Jr.? Does Rihanna look like Oprah? 

Yeah, I didn't think so. :P



  1. 4 people! Well its a tough one because perception creates reality. You can only really control how you feel about it at the end of the day. Also I would probably have a look at where these 4 people came from, are they people who's opinion you value and would like to be around.
    I have this ability to filter out noise these days, which might make a weirdo to some. For me its just about converting energy, I don't know how you could convert being called Connie Chung into anything. That said she isn't exactly a misfit, not the worst ill-advises comparison one could make.

  2. You do not look ANYTHING like her you all are Asian but not even from the same country and yes I think that is rude. People think I am from all over the place Asian, Mexican, etc. but I hate when people are just rude. Your young and beautiful who cares where your from.

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  4. That sucks. It is racist, and people don't understand why its a problem. I man once said that I looked like "scary spice." I said thanks, I thought he looked like Jodie Foster. He was annoyed, and I said, "I thought we were playing a game? Otherwise what you said could be considered racist."

    I guess people don't think about the bigger contexts in which these comments should be considered. Racial profiling is one that comes to mind. Once I was standing with my husband at a bus stop, and 2 police officers harassed me because I "looked like" a "prostitute- drug dealer" they were looking for. I did not look like her, its just we were both light skinned black people with curly hair. I think people need to realize the bigger, picture when making these comments.

    Great post, really thought-provoking for me!



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