Makeover Monday 24.0, let's have fun.

I hope I'm not letting anyone down by not doing the usual Makeover Monday. Although similar, definitely not the usual. Quite honestly, this is going to be a sweet and short post, and that's okay because I'm getting ready to do a fun giveaway mid-week so definitely stay tuned.
I tried the Insanity workout for the first time over the weekend. 40 minutes of non-stop high intensity training. I felt like a warrior afterwards. Once I get my hands on the full program, I'm doing the diet + workout combined for maximum results. When will I do it? I haven't set a date but once I do, I'll be sure to let you all know! I'm thrilled for the challenge because I've been needing a change in my workout's so necessary if you want to keep motivated! Who's done the Insanity workout? Did it give you results and what are some tips that you can share with the rest of us?

Who's ready to do what you love, jump in, and persist? I love this saying. Isn't it so true? Time will pass whether you want it to or not - - go for it!! Has there been anything you've been wanting to pursue but have been hesitant on taking that first step? Ask yourself if you'll regret NOT doing it some years from now..that usually helps me make that decision. :)

Even though I might just freak out if I saw a unicorn looking back at me in the gotta admit, it's super cool and super adorable. I'm going to use this picture below as my "Makeover Monday" tool - - to remind myself to keep it fun, have some (or lots) of laughs, and be yourself.
Have a fun Monday, everyone! I think today will be a good day for Scrabble at work and maybe catch up on some of my favorite blogs 1, 2, and 3 during my lunch. How is your Monday going to be?


  1. This Makeover Monday post might not be usual but it's definitely very fun and inspiring at the same time. I especially like the quote about following one's dreams and not letting time be a constraint. All the best with your workout!


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