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Give yourself a pat on the back, hug, and a high-five because we've made it to Friday again! It was one of those weeks that flew by because of how productive it was. I'm so ready to unwind this weekend.

I feel good. Really good. Now that I'm reflecting back on this past 7 days, I've gotten a head start on Christmas shopping for quite a few peeps already (gotta love the convenience of online shopping), checked off some proactive doctor's appointments, caught up on my emails (work and personal), adjusted to my first ever Smartphone (not sure if there should be a space between Smart and phone..?), we put up the Christmas tree last night...and strung the lights...AND put the ornaments up. You know it's officially the holiday season when that tree is up.

I still can't believe I have over 200 followers now. I remember when I only had maybe 20 readers (18 of them were my loyal friends that let me pressure them into signing up). Giveaway coming up this week. Promise. Anyway, I hope you find my posts at least somewhat entertaining and if not, maybe check out Buzz Feed .

How was your week, friends? I hope it went well and hope your weekend is even better. Here are some fun links that involve a little bit inspiration, fashion, home, design, and randomness.


I want to do this someday. Warms my heart!

An excellent interview regarding the pursuit of happiness. Get ready to be inspired!

Fashion no-no #1 and #2

Although not together anymore, this fashionable duo was my favorite couple of all time. 

Are you following the 10 Commandments of L------?

Once you get through all the photos, tell me you DON'T want to visit this glorious place.

Winner of my blog template giveaway - - check out her new lovely updated look!

I hope my boyfriend will let me decorate our future house like this.

If there is such as a power winter coat, this is it.

Photography, food, and pretty things. A new favorite blog of mine!


  1. Congratulations on reaching over 200 followers! I can't even fathom getting to that point. And a big thumbs up for getting an early start on your Christmas shopping, I always tell myself I'll get an early start every year but every year I'm always scrambling to find gifts.

    Lipstick & Lace

    1. Thank you Elle! With time, patience, and dedication to your blog - it will happen. I didn't think it would either but it did. I just reminded myself to blog only for me and because it makes me happy, people will see that authenticity.

      I found that once I started christmas shopping online, it moved things a lot faster. Good luck!

  2. I really like your blog - and can totally relate to the 20 followers comment! LOL, I think I have 15 right now, BUT it's coming along! I am following now, and appreciate your support - thank you for following me! You are a terrific writer and I look forward to more posts!! :)

    1. Gotta stay positive and like I said above, with time - - it WILL happen! Thanks so much for your nice & encouraging words. I, too, look forward to reading more of yours! Have a good one Amanda!

  3. lovely christmas post!


  4. Just like you guys celebrate Christmas, we celebrate 'Diwali' here in India. Diwali is called the festival of lights. It's the best time of the year. People exchange gifts with each other, decorate their houses, do lots of shopping, put up amazing lights and candles, worship Gods and celebrate the victory of good over evil. Diwali was on November 13 and reading your post, am remembered of the lovely time I had.
    Am glad that you've got a head start in your festival season and had a productive week. It really feels amazing if you have a successful week, doesn't it? Love the pictures and all the blog links that you've shared. Everyday Elsie really caught my attention!
    Love you Cathy. Have a wonderful week ahead :)


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