Couchsurfing à Lille, France: Can you say..Food Orgy?

It was my last day in Lille, France before departing onto a 16 hour Euroline bus ride to Barcelona, Spain. For the past few days, I had been couchsurfing at Zorette's cute and charming French apartment - - just outside the center of Lille.
Her only pet was Carmin, a Nemo look-alike that I actually took a liking to (it seems I am allergic to most animals that have fur...except for humans) that respectfully shared the living room with me.

Anyway, Zorette asks me what I would like to eat before leaving Lille - - to which I replied, 'A simple, common French lunch, of course.' And so, the 'Food Orgy' begins:

Although I did not try any of the delectable, mouth-watering French desserts (besides a classic Pain Chocolat), it was still an amazing feast with my new friend Zorette. I mean, what is wrong with a little pate, aged cheese, baguette, cherry tomatoes, salad, and a nice cup of green tea?


As of this moment, I am at my new couchhosts' Spanish style flat situated in the center of Barcelona, Spain. No words can truly describe this euphoric feeling of gratitude that continues to wash over me each waking hour. However, until next time, I can only do my best to describe my traveling experiences - next? Spain bloggie!!



  1. If I ever make it to France I will be eating the fruit tart. I LOVE fruit tarts!

  2. Yes..after walking out of that Boulangerie, I knew that I would be coming back to try a few of those lovely desserts. My much good food!!!


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