Seven Must Watch Youtube Videos (that have INSPIRED me)

I've decided to list my seven favorite Youtube videos that have inspired me to go for what I really want in life, dance (and not give a shit who's judging me), practice positive thinking, and much, much more. 


A video I mentioned in a previous post "Go on, Get Happy". Why a must? Positive thoughts encourage actions that help turn dreams into YOUR reality.

Check out this dude's way of packing his clothes! Amazing!

A trailer for a documentary of a 25 year old New Yorker who gave up everything, to see the world.

In need of some new dance moves? She knows how to break it down with ZERO a Laundromat! 

Randy Pausch, an American professor of CMU, tragically struck with Pancreatic Cancer - - discusses the truth behind achieving your dreams.
 Will Smith discusses two keys in life: running and reading. In 2 minutes, he explains why.

A taste of what Couchsurfing around the world is really like; a unique experience!
There you have it. Please feel free to share YOUR favorite videos that inspired you!!
MsCathy Trails! 


  1. I love "Dance like nobody is watching." Favorite!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. Yesss!!! That video always makes me want to shake my body like a salt shaker.


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