What to Wear: Lookbook

More often than not, I find myself standing in front of my closet, mentally mixing/matching, trying to remember what I already mixed/matched last week - - and, lacking the inspiration to try something out of my comfort zone.

That's when I pull up Lookbook. It's a fashion goldmine. I'll admit, there are some outfits that don't exactly fit my personal style but it doesn't mean I don't pull inspiration from it.

1. Carmel colored mini skirt with black tights - simple, feminine, warm.
2. Have always been a fan of black polka dotted tights. Need to invest in new ones.
3. Electric blue + black = bold elegance.
4. Love mint green. A recent favorite color.
5. The gray pumps. Yup. Wouldn't mind having those. :)

I'm planning on using my Nordstrom gift card I received on my birthday from my parents this weekend; can't wait to start updating my look - - as well as me and my boyfriend's 1 year anniversary this Sunday. Thank goodness it's already Wednesday!

How is everyone's first week of October going so far? Cooling down? Holidays on the mind yet? New fitness plans? Halloween?

Source: Pinterest via Chic


  1. I love all of these looks so much! So much color for this fall!


  2. What a great outfit compilation, Cathy! I think my favorite is the second picture - it's so warm and just emulates autumn for me. ^^
    By the way, I really like your new layout!

    X i x i a ❥ thisisxixia.com

  3. Thanks Jayne and Xixia!! Yes, the second one is great because of the burgundy and polka dotted tights for me. :) Glad you both enjoyed this compilation!


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