Something You Might Not Know About Spain..

As the sun lazily sets and goes back to its Western residence..
The energy in Granollers, a quaint city that sits on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain, is rising..
A semi-annual dinner party with my current couch host and his friends has only just begun.
In Spain, dinner starts at 10-11pm, late into the evening! Whereas in my home country, USA, dinner is approximately at 6-7pm. On this special Saturday evening, we ate Malaysian and Korean foods: a spicy medley of sauteed pork, green/red peppers, carrots, sushi filled with sliced omelette, carrots, frankfurts, and plenty of bread to go around (to sop up the wonderful leftover sauces)!

Nothing better than to learn a new way to share food with friends, in a whole new world.

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