I Adore.

Spring a la Spain.
I found myself daydreaming today, always picking the window seat; gazing out into new territory, thinking about not thinking. Being. Here. I have less than a week left in Spain. It was just so nice to absorb everything.
As you have seen in my previous blog entries about Spain, I have expressed how my feelings for the food in Spain are pretty serious. But I don't think I've mentioned how much I appreciate the other parts of Spain, the parts that don't get as much attention. 
There is just something about being outside, absorbing the sun, admiring Spain's architecture that makes me want to stand and smile in silence - - for just a little bit longer.



  1. Oh, Cathy! That alley made me so homesick. I'm in desperate need of some walks around that place and some Spanish tortilla. Sigh. You always make my day!

  2. Is that your hometown? Barcelona? I am sure you are welcome back anytime - what a great place :) Glad I can put a smile on your face - let's end this week with a bang!!


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