"The End" - - The First Chapter

As the naive Penny once said to the overly logical Sheldon Cooper in the CBS sitcom the Big Bang Theory, "When one door closes another one opens", Sheldon's response was:

"No it doesn't. Not unless the two doors are connected by relays or there are motion sensors involved."

Although Mr. Cooper may be right in his observations, there lies some truth to this commonly used idiom. For instance, the act of ending a romantic relationship will naturally open up fresh opportunities for finding a more compatible partner. When one reaches graduation (high school, undergrad, whatever), learning does not suddenly cease but rather informal learning takes on a whole new meaning. Even though my uncle physically left this world recently, who is to say his energy/soul/spirit diminished as well? 

I believe the end of anything is the beginning of something. 

With that being said, I am in the process of "ending" my life here in America to begin a new chapter in Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and finally, Taiwan. It has been, hands-down, one of the most exciting decisions I have ever made in my 27 years of living. But you know what? 

I have never been happier.  


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