Moon Above.

According to Earth Sky, the largest full moon of this year will occur this Saturday May 5th. I had read about this a few days ago but forgot about it. However, while waiting to catch the #23 bus to go back to where I've been temporarily staying at, the full moon tonight immediately reminded me of what is to come this weekend. Not only that, the natural beauty of the moon reminded me of quite a few things. Lately, I feel abundant, wealthy, alive, healthy. And I'm not talking about money or power or any of those things. Even a simple night stroll under the glaring moon is enough to make me giddy these days. I am reminded that life is what you make it, love makes us glow, and the little things are just as valuable (if not more sometimes) as the big things.

And, of course, "Fly Me To The Moon" by Frank Sinatra popped into my head. Reminded me of a time when I was dancing with someone very special in my life at a friend's wedding - - and how I wish to hold his hand right now. Time certainly flies, doesn't it? Make the most of it. Find something to smile within every moment. It's the time of our lives. Stop complaining, live it up - don't just survive. Too short for that nonsense. 


  1. i am reading this post on 6th may. yesterday while on an evening walk with my boyfriend, he pointed out how beautiful the moon was looking and it indeed was!!! and yes you're very right. every moment in life should be lived fully with love and soul. Life is too short for any melodrama or nonsense. love the simple beauty of your blog :)

    1. Savvy, make sure you take a peek at the moon tonight - it's supposed to be huge!! Melodrama, nonsense, all of that- pointless. Seek the beauty within each moment because it was right there all along. Glad to hear you enjoy my blog :) Have a fantastic weekend!

    2. you are so very right!!! love to hear your wonderful thoughts :) You too have a great and an exciting weekend!!!

  2. i just realized today's 5th not 6th. silly me!


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