Reasons why blah days aren't so bad..

Yesterday was one of those days that felt like it dragged on...and on, and on. Perhaps it was because I obediently avoided the energy drink vending machine at approximately 2pm in the afternoon - - the most challenging time of day for me to regain that focus. Or maybe it was because I didn't repeat the perfect affirmation for the day, at least 3 times before starting the work day.

Get this. After parking my car and turning off the ignition - - I closed my eyes, did a mini mediation session, and envisioned myself having a great day. For some reason, that vision consisted of me meeting new people at my job, shaking everyone's hands vigorously - - while holding an animated smile, the whole time. This pseudo mediation session honestly only lasted a good 2-3 minutes but I thought it was worth a shot. As you can all imagine (based off of the name of this post), it didn't go that way. Don't get me wrong; it wasn't a horrible day, or even close to a bad was just a long Blah day.

So, what do you do when you have a long Blah day? I come up with the following reasons to remind myself how good I really have it, in hopes of encouraging a good day, some other day.

1. Even the longest day is only 24 hours. (I read this somewhere...most likely on Pinterest)
2. I am NOT related to the honey boo boo child family - - not even close.
3. I get to crash on a king size bed every night.
4. My work offers unlimited filtered water, Lipton tea, and coffee...for free. I feel like I could never take that for granted because there are other countries that definitely DON'T do that.
5. My job is indoors and is consistently 75 degrees F - - equivalent to an early summer day in California.
6. I have a job.
7. Reading her mood boards always leave me feeling calm and more grounded. 
8. Knowing that their an easy go-to place for html coding gives me peace as well. 
9. Mind over matter. Always.
10. There are always worst things out there.

After writing this list out, I do feel a lot better. So, what about you guys? What makes you feel better after one of those days? Any specific perspectives or thoughts you'd like to share to potentially turn the day around? 

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  1. It must be something in the air because I woke up feeling fine (even tho I was late for work) and by the time I got to work I was totally bummed out. It's hard shaking it. I make myself a deadline. Example: at noon I can no longer think negatively, speak negatively and must smile - even if you have to force it. Law of attraction.... beautiful things start showing up. By the end of the day that smile isn't forced anymore ;)
    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}

    1. Ohhh I'm loving the deadline tip! That's awesome. Today, I just reminded myself that I have full control of my day and crazy enough, it did!

      And yes, I really do think something was in the air. Let's make sure the rest of this week goes better by starting those deadlines earlier - maybe 8am? haha!

  2. Blah days are tricky, worse than bad days or good days. There's no adventure and no drama, really there's nothing of note. In the movie of your life, a Blah day wouldn't be the long, boring bit in the middle where there's really nothing going on. That scene wouldn't have even made it on screen, left on the cutting room floor.

    I try to make my days notable. Nothing big or dramatic, simply create a touchstone for that day so I can least remember something that happened that day a week or two removed. Gets me outside my comfort zone hopefully. Knowing we are blessed as your list points out always helps.

    1. You described my blah day so well. There was just no excitement on that day and you know what? It was my fault and due to my mindset. The next day, I reminded myself that I have full control over how my day goes and it went a lot better.

      I like your tip about making anything memorable - - because each day is truly special since we have the privilege to be alive!

  3. Love this post. It really is important to remember that even blah days aren't so bad - I seem to be having a couple of those recently. This is a great friendly reminder to count my blessings! <3

    1. Thanks!! I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing those types of days as well - they're just not fun at all. Try counting your blessings anytime you feel that type of day might occur - - it might help! :)

  4. the thing that keeps me going through such days is the fact that i'll meet my boyfriend every evening for a highly refreshing walk and talk!!!!

  5. Great attitude! I guess we all need to tell ourselves that life isn't so bad after all. We just always compare with what the others have, which takes away all of the joy from the great aspects of our own lives!

  6. It's definitely mind over matter. Sometimes the only way to make things better is to shift your attitude. I hate days where i feel unproductive. If i let life just happen without any sense of happiness it's time for a change. My brain usually wins. Thanks for a great post. Xxx


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