Makeover Monday {14.0}

Happy Labor Day! I almost decided to go to work today and make some extra cash but then, I quickly decided against it. Why? After working a 12 hour day last Thursday, I could use an extra day off to play and spend time with loved ones. Let's take a moment, shall we? 
I think as adults, we forget to play just as hard as we work. Laughing, being free of stress, and to do silly dances, I believe, are just as important in life. When we take joy in what surrounds us, what makes us alive, we're making our lives that much more colorful and vibrant. So, if you ask me, how do I like to incorporate 'play' into my life?

1. Make a cup of green tea, breathe in the aroma, and curl up with a book.
2. Watch an old childhood show or movie with loved ones.
3. Forget the fact that I work long hours at work by singing/dancing in the living room with my boyfriend's sweet little girl.
4. Watch funny youtube videos such as this one or that one.
5. Take pictures of anything and everything that I like including food, the sky, clothes, people, awkward moments...anything for the day, and then look back at all of them.

6. Taking the time to say I love you, the moment you feel it in burning in your heart.
7. Reading this blog to try new workout moves and looking up this picture to remind me of how awesome my life is.
8. Making cupcakes with these two:
9. Reading these things and feeling like they really are true, and science can never back it up.
10. Also reading this, and having an 'Wow, this is soo true and how can I anyone not believe this sort of stuff' moment.

Tell me, what are some things you like to do to relieve stress? Do you believe that playing hard is just as important as working hard?

Pretty images can be found here


  1. Yes, I fully agree with work hard, play hard. It's important to keep a balance.

    1. And anytime I feel I am lacking that balance, those stress levels start to climb up pretty fast! Gotta keep it fair, balanced, and in moderation for happy living!

  2. Grab a coloring book and sit down with a box of crayons!

    1. You read my mind. I totally did that over the weekend with my boyfriend and his little girl - - it was so relaxing and made me feel like I was five years old again!

  3. your makeover monday posts are oh soooooo relaxong and rejuvenating. And i totally agree with you Cathy!!! Relaxing and playing are just as important as working. My list would be:
    1. Spending time with my gradmother. Going for a walk with her, eating ice cream with her.
    2. Watching a nice movie and then reflecting on it.
    3. Spending time with my boyfriend. Talking to him. Hugging and kissing him. Trying new food and places with him.
    4. Reading a good piece of fiction that can totally transport me to some other world.
    5. An afternoon sleep!!!


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