Cruising into the sunset.

It's moments like these that take my breath away and shock my soul back to life. I don't know what those lines in the sky are - - but they made the sunset that much more special.


  1. Oh this is beautiful! The lines are Vapour Trails that are left from planes in the sky. We get loads of them in the UK, because the upper atmosphere is so cold. I know when I lived in Perth Australia we didn't get them because the upper atmosphere was too hot. Basically you need the atmosphere to be cold enough to crystalise the aeroplane vapours. It probably means that Fall is definitely coming to Arizona :)

  2. Isn't it? I love this picture. I wasn't sure if they were vapour trails or what, but they definitely add to the pictur. Interesting facts, Angie! Can't wait for fall to actually hit usually comes at the end of October :)

  3. This is such a beautiful, beautiful sunset!! I love the vapour trails (we do get them every now and then in Perth!!) A beautiful sunset or sunrise is always so invigorating. It brings perspective some how :) Rhi xx

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