Taking Creativity to the Next Level.

Remember all of those funny and silly drawings you would create as a young child?

Well, imagine transforming those silly images into real-life characters. Okay, maybe not 100% real-life but close enough.

A friend and I found this cool concept on whatthecool.com. Childrens' drawings can be transformed into dolls by a company called Child's Own Studio.

I'm thinking about doing this. Isn't this awesome?? 


  1. Hehe this is brilliant!! My 6 year old cousin (my only female relative under the age of 39!!) draws me lots of pictures. Maybe I'll get the next animal sort of drawing converted into a toy :D

    Thanks for the congratulations! I'm enjoying summer by living vicariously through all the lovely northern hemisphere blogs like yours. Unfortunately it's winter in Australia, and contrary to popular belief it does get pretty cold :P

    Have a great weekend!!! :) Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams


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