Feel So Good.

As of late, I've had the pleasure of working out at a fancy schmancy gym called Aquaboulevard in Paris. My mother's old friend, M, gets to invite a friend for free! Although I usually work out at home with just a resistance band and the floor, I can't deny how nice it is to go to a gym. So many fun classes - - I've been going to at least 2 each time I go with her...Hip hop, Culture Physique (all body workout), Body Attack (cardio, lots of it!), Aquagym (water class...tougher than it sounds!), and Pilates.

Can't deny it. It's super nice to exercise in a place where others are too. Unlike doing pushups at a bus stop bench, you don't get as many stares.

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Tell me! (And make sure to take a peek at the Super Full Moon tonight!)

-Ms. Cathy


  1. wowwwww!!! you definitely are having a great time :) i wish i could join you too. and yeah saw the full moon yesterday night, it was simply beautiful, giving out the most ravishing light! if you ever come to India, teach me some of your work out moves too ;)

    1. Always have a great time!! Wasn't it just breathtaking? I love the moon. I would be more than happy to show you some cool fitness moves in India one day; noted. Hugs from France!

  2. By the way your question has put me into my thoughts. I never thought about it earlier so will answer when i'll be ready with the reply!


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