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I'm at work right now and there's a lot of talk about the world ending and I'm sure you're out there experiencing the same flurry. Planets aligning, temperature changes, the Earth exploding suddenly...well you know what?

No matter what happens to us, I'm going to be  How can you not when one comes across something as beautiful as this sunset? I was just pumping gas and then it seemed like a rainbow had just exploded into the sky.

No matter what happens to this lovely world of ours, here are some fun links to check out (because I know the world will keep spinning and you'll need something fun to read ;) )


I still debate whether or not natural skin products work better or not. Have you tried this before? 

Look at all of these beauties inspires me so much!

Quit talking about your dreams and start doing something it. An inspirational read!  

The future looks bright, indeed.  

An entertaining blog post to read titled "The Mayans were laughing"

One of my favorite blog posts about Hope and Not Giving Up.

Have a beautiful holiday weekend, everyone! (If you're still convinced the world is going to end soon, then live as if it's your last day and quit complaining about - - just my two cents for ya! ;) )


  1. Lovely photo!!

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  2. Beautiful photo! It really does look like a rainbow burst in the sky. :)

    Here, I wasn’t worried about the world ending, but I was worried about any crazy people out there that might be flipping out and causing trouble for the rest of us, but here we all are getting ready for the holidays, and the world is still as it was. People are funny; aren’t they?

    I haven’t tried AVC, but I have heard from a friend that it works well for healing bug bites. (I get bit often. I guess it’s the blood.) It sounds like a great idea, although I don’t know if I could actually eat/drink it. I don’t hold that acquired taste for vinegar. Let me know if you give it a try what the results are. I might try it out one of these days. & those links were very entertaining & interesting. Thank you for sharing!


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