Capture the Moment!

Here's a sneak peek photo of first time doing fancy family pictures altogether. I'll be honest, I remember feeling a little nervous if I wasn't posing right or making funny faces at the wrong time during the shoot. But then I realized, 'Wow, how vain is that - - just worrying about how I look!? Geez...' It's not about that. At all. I was reminded that it's about the bigger picture. Years from now, I'm not going to be thinking about how my hair looked during that photo shoot or my dress - - I'm going to be thinking about how much fun we all had together that day and all the fried chicken we consumed later on that evening. When they wrote, "We <3 Cathy" on the green chalkboard inside the country western restaurant. When the stars came out to say hello because in that particular town, the city lights were more scarce. My boyfriend and I were discussing over dinner last night about the things that truly matter which are intangible - - our health, our love, the relationships, the memories. So the next time you find yourself in a little bit of a funk or in a bad mood, please don't allow that bad mood to overshadow your blessings. Practice gratitude every other day, and then everyday, and then every hour - so that, finally, gratitude becomes you. Life's too short. Don't let the moments slip by without giving it the appreciation it deserves.


  1. So very well said Cathy!!! Love your family picture. It's the most adorable and cute family picture i've ever seen :)


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