Happy December + Weekend Links

I think that horse behind us wants a career change. Or just feeling a little dizzy? Poor thing.
 This week was about getting more into the holiday spirit i.e. listening to Christmas songs on the radio, hanging up Disney Themed ornaments on the tree, experiencing nostalgia from watching a childhood favorite flick An American Tail, doing the Insanity workout everyday since Tuesday, patting myself on the back for not indulging in any junk food at the BBQ luncheon I had at work, painting my nails a pretty magenta color only to have it chip away not even 24 hours later (womp womp), and for this Saturday - - finishing up Christmas shopping in a bit after doing some chores around the house. In other words, a great week and an even greater weekend among us.

Here are some of my favorite links from this past week, enjoy!

7 books that changed her life. A trip to the bookstore is a must today :)

What are you scared of? If there is a solution to it, would you be want to know?

Pants-crush #1 and Pants-crush #2.

Got to love Prada.

Hey, sign me up for one of these jobs please.

30 ways to improve your mood, so don't be blue.

One of the winners of the Powerball and what they plan on doing with their cheese.

Feeling depressed for not winning the Powerball? 10 ways to to increase happiness right here.

My Lipstick and Nail polish giveaway ends in just a few days, hurry and enter :)

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