A special surprise

Wherever, whomever, whenever - - I hope that everyone is having a joyous time. Words can't express how thankful I am for this amazing holiday season. I can't seem to get enough of 2012. Can you believe it's coming to an end in just several days? I want to hold onto as many moments as possible. I've been doing my best to capture some of the most precious new memories that were created over the weekend. Below is just a mere snippet of my holiday weekend:

Photobucket Baby girl taking the puppy out. (A special surprise for my parents - - a new puppy!) Photobucket
The look on my mother's face after seeing the puppy for the first time = priceless. Photobucket Chocolate cake...always priceless.
Photobucket Basset hound kisses! Photobucket My joyous father. Another Christmas gift in itself! Photobucket Everyone just loved Nikki Minaj (the basset hound pup!)
Photobucket Who needs a crate when you've got a Prada bag fit for a puppy?


  1. The cake looks so delicious! Happy holidays.


  2. The puppy is sooooooo cute and adorable!!! I hope the last few days of this year bring you lots of surprises, happiness and priceless moments :)

  3. Such a cute surprise! Knowing that you've made someone else happy with surprises is definitely a gift, especially when it's for those who are really close to you. :) It's crazy how fast the new year is approaching, but here's to best wishes for 2013! Happy Holidays!

  4. Ahhh what a cutie little puppy!! Such a fantastic thing to give to your family :D
    Merry Christmas Cathy, to you and all your loved ones :) I hope you had a fantastic day.
    With love, Rhi :) xx

    The Wildest of Dreams


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