Makeover Monday 23.0: A good day in Six ways

Dear Monday,

Good morning and good day to you. I was honestly hoping our appointment wouldn't come so soon but here we are, and that's quite all right. Why? The weekend was filled with fun memories:

Eating popcorn & drinking a mixed up Icee during the Wreck-it Ralph movie with Baby Girl >> Chopped off my long hair >> Helped Baby Girl bake her first chocolate pie >> Installed a new modem/router for the internet (all by myself!) >> Received an early Christmas present which was my first (my very first!) Smart phone >> Coloring in Brave pictures >> Mastered making delicious crepes Euro-style for breakfast >> Started Christmas shopping early...and much, much more!

The sweet memories will keep me going on this first day back at work from the ultra relaxing weekend. As much as we hear it every single Monday, it's tough to bounce back from having fun, huh? Work hard, play hard. It's a balance. Because each Monday comes with unique challenges, here are some pins I found that can help make the start of your week...extra special.

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Source: Pinterest via Wisdom


  1. Here in Saudi Monday is like Wednesday for us. So were half way through it although for me my days seem to run together blah. Glad you had a nice weekend.

    1. Happy Tuesday Noor! I did not know that. Happy belated hump day then :) Some weeks are better than others but I certainly hope you have a nice weekend!


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