My Perfect Albums

I'm the type of person that has the tendency to skip through radio stations in my truck and cd tracks because I have to find the "right song" for any given moment of my life. If there's nothing good playing, I'd rather listen to nothing than settle for anything less. With that being said, when I tell you about my perfect albums - - it means I can listen to it from the beginning to end with a high probability I'm still not sick of it. It's rare for me to consider any album perfect.

So, why the above four for me?

1. No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom - this was one of my first two cassettes (remember those?) I have ever owned and purchased from the Wherehouse record store (remember those too?). It was 6th grade. Gwen's sassy/punky voice inspired me (for a little bit) to become a singer in a band. So, I did what any inspired 6th grader would do - - record herself singing to 'I'm Just a Girl' on a tape recorder, presented it to a boy that was supposedly in a band, and got told she sounded like a country singer...and not "punk rock" enough.

I love this album because their songs made me feel strong, empowered, and as if I was invincible as a girl. I think I'll always feel like that when I hear Gwen's voice.

2. The Ataris Blue, Skies, Broken Hearts, ...Next 12 Exits - junior and senior year of high school. Skateboarding. One of my first heartbreaks endured. Making new friends at a new school. Learning more about myself. Those are just a few memories that are attached to this album. I listened to this album at least 50 times straight through and for some reason, it's still so good to me!

3. Miike Snow Animal - The first time I heard the song "Animal" by Miike Snow...I wondered why he spelled his first name with two I's and why I hadn't heard this song earlier. Reminds me of the time I was living in my apartment alone, painted some of the walls robin egg blue, one wall lavender, and would seek solace by playing my acoustic guitar. It was a time in my life when I knew I had to do something huge - - and not wait for opportunities to come by. It was the year before I left the country to go couchsurfing in Europe and Asia. Each song is so full of emotion, so full of hopes, fears, and depth. This one definitely speaks to my soul.

4. Passion Pit Manners - The lead singer's voice can hit notes like Mariah Carey - - but it's a man! Strange as that may sound, something about the electronics combined with unusual yet complementary beats make this album a hit for me. It makes me want to do ballet around the house and if listening to this while cooking something in the dinner, it always inspires me to make the best meals, ever. It's just a magical cd and everyone should give it a chance to see what type of inspiration they can foster from it. 

So, what do you consider a perfect album? The music, memories, or combination? I want to thank Danielle for her post which inspired me to do a post like hers. To be honest, I haven't been listening to as much music as I used to so it's nice to rehash some music-related memories. Feel free to do a post like hers and link up so I can read yours!

Today is going to be tons of fun. What with clothes shopping, preparing to surprise my sweet boyfriend, working out, and finally seeing what my boyfriend's surprise is for me. This past week has been filled with way too much anticipation!! Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!

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