My 5 Perfect Scary Movies

5. The Descent

 A group of female wanderlustin' thrill-seekers stumble upon an undeground cave. Although the underground cave is nowhere to be found in their tour books, they continue to move forward with their adventure. Filled with suspense, creepy creatures, and desperate moments - - this movie did a great job making me feel claustrophic and hesitant about exploring caves.

4. The Grudge

 A woman, Sarah Michelle Gellar, moves to a new home in Japan and finds out that the place is haunted by a very creepy female spirit. You know what creeps me out? Female ghosts with long black hair dressed in a white gown. Yup! And that creepy noise she makes with her mouth? Yikes!

3. Paranormal Activity 

Because I believe in ghosts and afraid of the dark (yes I still am), this movie did a great job affecting my ability to fall asleep alone. It's about a couple that moves into a new house and starts to hear strange noises - - which encourages the husband to leave his video camera running overnight. Oh, and the things they see on that video camera. A guaranteed creep fest!

2. The Eye 2 (Foreign Film version)

This is about a woman who has someone elses' set of eyes. And not just any set of normal eyeballs - - but crazy ones that make her see crazy ish! The way this movie was filmed and created - - will honestly creep you out the whole way through. After seeing this film, I even got scared driving alone in my truck because I kept thinking there was a ghost sitting next to me.

1. The Exorcist

 Oh, good ol' possessed Regan with her spinning head and fierce bouts of vomiting paired with her demonic voice...freaks. me. out. every time I watch this movie. I was about 8 or 9 when I crept out of my room and saw my parents watching this classic. I couldn't sleep without a night light for years. Years! No, I'm not going to tell you when I stopped needing a night light because that would be too embarrassing.

Also, it didn't help when I moved to Washington, D.C., I found out I lived only a block and a half away from the infamous "Exorcist steps". I thought, 'Greeaaaaaaat'. 


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  1. God I can never watch horror flicks! I just can't watch them beyond the first few minutes.

    1. Maybe try watching these type of flicks in the day with a few good friends? They're so much fun but know it's not for everyone.


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