If you're not in the Now...

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If you're not going to enjoy the adventure - - good luck finding peace in your destination, buddy. 


  1. To me its like money. Money being representational, how one gets it and where we choose to use it is what matters for me. But only a few people get to do what they love for a living and get paid for it.
    So we do sometimes trudge through the journey thinking the destination/success/money will solve everything.

    For myself the best experiences aren't transactional, it feels like conjuring magic.

  2. Hahahahahaha I love this!!! It's so brilliant and perfect and oh man I needed it! I'm trying desperately to enjoy a few things in life not because I want the end result, but because I think it will be good for me...or something. I am going to heed this advice and replace these things, that are just little, with fun things that I think I'll enjoy :D

    You're the best, Cathy :) Hope you're well!!! Rhi xx

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