Friday High-Fives.

Thank Gilligan it's Friday. Isn't it strange to reflect back on the week and feel as if the week went by slow as well as fast? Work-wise: the week felt like it was stretched to its maximum capacity and dragged like no other. Life-wise: the week zoomed right on by. Some highlights from my week: 

As of this past Monday, was the start of my birthday week. I'm sure I have mentioned it on my blog before boyfriend is awesome and I don't know how I got so lucky. He told me, on Monday, that he has a little surprise planned for me on each day leading up to my birthday, September 25. On one night, he had a filet mignon ready for me when I got home from work. He's a keeper, something I've known for some time now. Okay, okay - - enough with me being a cheeseball, right? So, what kinds of things do you have planned for your birthday week? Or do you have a birthday month? Typically, I like to stay conscious of the fact that it is my last week (or month or whatever) being this age - - appreciate it. 

I got an IPOD shuffle. From the awesome man in my life, and I'm kind of intimidated. I'm not sure how to put music on that thing (it's so small!!) besides using the Itunes store. Can't these things just come with music? Either way, I'm just excited to start listening to music...while I work out! I hear for some people, they can't work out without music. What about you? Does music affect your exercise routine? 

 I work out my arms in my cubicle at work - - and I don't care what others think. I bought 10lb dumbbells and when I start to feel a little stressed or bored, I strive to knock out a few sets of bicep curls and tricep extensions. I can't express to you how satisfying this feels - - to get paid at work to work AND exercise. Multi-tasking. Gotta love it.

Got hooked on a new TV show. Have you heard of Walking Dead? It's a zombie drama. Ah, it's soo good. You know a tv show is really good when all you want to do is avoid all possible responsibilities, curl up with a blanket, and watch it straight through. Oh, Netflix. I love and kind of hate you at the same time.

No embarrassing zits or acne on my face during birthday week for lovely photos. Yup. Highlight. For sure. 

This weekend. Yes, oh yes. What's on my plate? Birthday lunch with my mans today (!!) Then Judge Dredd in 3D. A going away party on Saturday. My birthday dinner with the fam. And I must squeeze in some Walking Dead as well as some fun blog posts! 

Tell me about your plans. Not eating your vegetables? Check out this video.  

Need some motivation? This might help:

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  1. Oh my gosh hahaha I totally know that song me and Trevor sing it all the time "so yummy so yummy" haha

  2. Cathy you won't believe but whenever am feeling low, I simply turn to your blog... It's full of so much hope and good vibes. Simply love whatever you write. It's awesome. Never stop writing!
    Firstly I do not celebrate a birthday month or a birthday week, I only celebrate on that day. But reading your post makes me want to celebrate my throughout the year! lol
    Secondly I love listening to music while travelling. Never tried it while exercising though lot of people swear by it. Gotta try it myself!
    Thirdly I have been dying to start some good TV soap (probably glee or Castle or Criminal minds)... guess it's time I pick one.
    And last but not the least, I love you Cathy!!! You're my sunshine in so many ways!!! Keep shining :*

  3. Alycia! Isn't that video hilarious? I had no idea some children's shows can be thoroughly entertaining such as Yo Gabba Gabba!

    Savvy! I honestly had no idea my blog had that type of impact on others. Seriously. To know that you can turn to my blog if you're down and a place where you can find happiness, brings so much joy to my heart. I cannot truly express the true depths of my gratitude for your comment, girl. You should definitely start celebrating your birthday in the most wonderful ways - you're celebrating YOU - which is an amazing event in itself! Yes, I def have to start setting up my Ipod shuffle to start working out. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes :) And, yes, there are sooo many different TV shows out there - just depends on what you're looking for. Again, thank you thank you for your sweet comment, Savvy. I read your 4 simple goals and will be commenting on it soon! Love you too!!! You're amazing!


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