Best Things I Found This Week

Some random things that have been on my mind.

-The Jillian Michaels Podcast rules and makes the 40 minute commute to work sooo much more enjoyable. 

-Scallops are very healthy as they contain a ton of vitamins! 

-Need to get away from non-stick cookware and invest in something more non-cancerous.

-Did you ever hear about the 17 yr old girl who has eaten ONLY chicken nuggets since the age of two?!? Um...seriously? Wtf. 

-Generally speaking, why are women so against one another??

-Thinking about what kind of book I should next...

-Chicago in less than 2 weeks!!

-Valentine's day in less than a week!

Some random but most certainly, the best things I found this week. Enjoy!


Do you know what the definition of true love is? 


Interview with the most efficient man alive, Ari Meisel.

Are you addicted to making lists? Yeah, me too. That's why I love Thoughtbox.

Dana from the Wonder Forest provides videos on tasks such as how to create a custom header and add a facebook like box on your site!


  1. I really like this feature.

    I'm totally with you on getting away from non-stick crap. I'm slowly trying to replace all my cookware with stainless steel and cast-iron. Have you heard of le Creuset? It's French enameled cast iron so you don't need to worry about keeping it seasoned. They're really pricey but so so worth it.

    My sister bought me a giant aqua le Creuset kettle for my birthday that will last me until I'm 80 which is a good thing because it's probably my favourite singular item I own.

    I also found a tiny le Creuset saucepan at a thrift store for $3. What a score!

    I'm sooo done with Teflon. Gross!

    1. Ohhh Le Creuset huh? I'll have to take a look at that. I'm looking into different kinds of ktichen ware that are not so toxic but also affordable.

      Go you for getting away from Teflon!! I'm hoping to do the same very very soon! Thank you so much for the suggestions too!

  2. Whoa I can not believe someone could live off nuggets GROSS ugh! That makes me sick even thinking about it. I have Mcdonalds and you know kids love it but its not even real food I tell my son. Wow $3 for le creuset I am jelous lol.

    1. Right??? $3 for something that will last her well into her 80s!

      Chicken nuggets every meal, every day for 15 years is absurd to me. :P

  3. Hi Cathy! this is my first time commenting on your blog, I came across it after it was mentioned on Sometimes Sweet. Thanks for sharing all these links, I love it!! I definitely need to take some tips on becoming more efficient!!


    Head High Heart Strong

    1. Hi Maddie! No prob girl! I'm happy that you enjoyed the links I shared. I'm a productivity addict so I'm always looking for different ways to do things more efficiently. When I find some more tips, I'll be sure to share some more!


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