3 most Common Excuses that will Smash Your Dream

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See that image above? That's been on my mind lately - - a lot. You see, I talk to a lot of people that like to think/talk about dreams. They even go as far as planning it on paper - - but when it comes to DOING - - man, oh man, the excuses!! From my current observations, many people seem to let these things hold them back from making moves toward a dream aka the life they wished they had:

3 Most Common Obstacles that Smashes Dreams 

1. Lack of time

2. Fear of failure

3. Fear of the unknown/uncertainty

I can't tell you how many times I hear statements like "I want to be an architect someday but don't have the time to go to school" or "I've been dreaming of becoming a doctor for 10+ years but afraid I might fail and end up wasting my time + money" and finally "What if I'm not successful at it? What if I take action on the wrong dream and regret my decision?"

3 Ways to CRUSH those Obstacles (aka Excuses) for Good

1. You don't have time? If it's truly important to you, make the time for it. Time will pass whether you want it to or not - - YOU are the decision maker on how you want to invest in your time. Make your time COUNT!

2. The only true way to fail is if you NEVER try at all. That, to me, is true failure. When you give something a shot and fail, you're not really failing but rather, learning. Get back up, brush yourself off, and continue the learning process. Failure isn't bad. Failing helps you move forward. 

3. Oh, you want to be perfect on the first try? Good luck! There's no such thing as perfection in life so all you can do is fail over and over again until you're better each time. ;)

4. When do we ever have an accurate prediction of the future? The only certainty we have is now...like Right Now. Focus on what you can do today  - - this very minute, this hour because that's the only way you can shape your future. 

5. There's no such thing as impossible. 

Ah, it feels so good to let that all out of my system! If any of my tips or thoughts sound harsh - - I certainly don't mean to be. This is all coming from personal experience as well as my daily observations in life. I want you to know that anything in life is attainable as long as you BELIEVE it first. When your mind is right, your actions and emotions will fall into place in due time. 

What's one thing, a quote/song/activity/book/movie, that helps you get past your fears? Does going after your dreams scare you? I'd love to hear from you! 


P.S. Thank you for listening and I hope I wasn't too random for you! 


  1. i think that this is really wonderful and i completely agree. i never view the word fail as a negative, i think failing is really just as positive of a word as success and in fact they are very much the same thing, just different outcomes bases on personal perception. but every time i fail i am proud because it means i tried, i means i will do better the next time or i will move on to something new. great advice!

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  3. You are so right we just go through life not doing things that we can bc we keep saying were to busy but in reality were really not just lazy.


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