Yup, that sums it up!

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How super cool are these shirts?! I was just taking browsing "motivational" pictures on Pinterest and found something I really want to stay focused on my training. I like the one on the right haha! :)

Happy Monday! I don't think I'm even fully awake yet but just wanted to wish everyone a fantastic week. If you're debating if you should start something this week, don't wait any longer and start. Especially if it's something that will benefit your health. I've learned the benefit of being proactive is that it prevents future regret. Get it done :)

Oh yeah, and this pretty much sums up my life goals:
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I feel like if we practice this each day, we can get better at leading positive, healthy, and happy lives! Who's in with me?

One more thing, my Revlon Just Bitten Giveaway ends in just a few days, did you enter?


  1. I could definitely with worry less and excercise daily! Great Monday inspiration. Thanks for your lovely comment. xo

  2. I found a top on pinterest that says "eat clean, play dirty", and I want it so badly! The playing is definitely a good reason to eat well. =P

  3. I love the cute top on the right as well! The life goals are great & your post made me smile :) Definitely a good read to start out the week. (I feel as thought this week is already moving super slow.)


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