20 Healthy & Instant Stress Relievers

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1. Drink a cup of hot tea

2. Close your eyes, count each time you exhale up to 4, and then start over. Do this until you calm down.

3. Write down 3 things you appreciate in your life right now.

4. Talk a walk outside for 10-15 minutes. Breathe in the fresh air and try not to think about anything else while taking in your environement.

5. Rest for at least minutes. Find a comfy place somewhere, lay down, close your eyes, and simply relax.

6. Read a chapter from a book. Don't have a book? Read a few articles or posts from 2-3 of your favorite blogs or websites.

7. Play a game. If my co-workers see that I'm acting a little tense or stressed out, they just bust out the Scrabble board, and in between our tasks we play the game for a healthy distraction.

8. Drink a cup of water. Sometimes, stress can come from our bodies being dehydrated. Guzzle some water!

9. Write (or type) anything down. Even if it doesn't make sense. Free association can be a great distraction and works great for me.

10. Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? Re-prioritize it by importance and cut it in half.

11. Chill out by taking a hot bath. Treat yourself and lighting some candles, bring that hot cup of tea, and simply let your body (and mind) go loose.

12. Find some funny pictures or videos to laugh the stress away. Sometimes I like to go to Pinterest, search for "funny", click on "boards" and you'll find plenty to giggle at. Also, buzzfeed is another great website for goofy articles that are sure to help you chuckle.

13. Learn to say No. If you've already got too much on your plate, it's more than okay to say no. Don't overburden yourself!

14. A warm towel! Take a towel, put some water on it, pop it into the microwave, and place it on your forehead or back of the neck. It's soo soothing!

15. Phone a friend. Sometimes when we stress, we tend to shy away from social contact but reaching out to others can help a lot. Ask for advice or some encouragement.

16. Soak up the sun. If it happens to be even a little sunny outside, just a little bit of Vitamin D can boost your mood.

17. Listen to a few of your favorite songs that you know have lifted your spirits before. I prefer upbeat music that makes me want to dance! Anything that Lykke Li sings or The Beatles!

18. Exercise! There have been many times I go into the gym stressing about something random -  - but after working out for at least 20 minutes, I feel accomplished and proud of my efforts which takes me away from what I was originally worrying about. It's also a natural energy booster!

19. Get a massage. Don't have the resources to book an appointment with a professional? No worries. If you've got a tennis ball, place it on the wall, place your back on it and roll up and down against it. Works great!

20. Drama getting you down? Re-evaluate your surroundings including the people you are around. Don't forget that you control the type of environment you are in. If need be, make new friends that provide more positivity in your life. It can make a difference!


  1. Great advice! I should start exercising again...


    1. Glad you thought so Anouka! Start with small goals..like 5 minutes of exercise for the day - - and build it up from there. It helps get me more motivated every time :)

  2. Such a great post, my dear!

    Great blog too.

    we can follow each other if you want :)
    (via gfc, bloglovin, facebook)

    Have a wonderful weekend,



    1. Thanks so much! Appreciate the kind compliments Nicole!

      I'll be sure to visit yours. Hope you're a having a great week :)

  3. I love these suggestions. I know many of these will help Vinnie. And me!

    1. Awesome! Try a few out and let me know if it helps you out :)

  4. THis is great advice thank you. I need to start yoga again it really makes me feel great.


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