Weekend Linkage (+ fun updates)

Some of my fave pins from this past week
First off, I FINALLY updated my "about me" section. I hope you like it!

I didn't sleep much this past week but it's all good. The weekend is here and I plan to sleep in at some point. School has been going well. It excites me. I think I've finally figured out the secret to finding your passion.

It's when you feel ridiculously happy and fulfilled from learning something new in a field/industry/interest/hobby you take pride in. I think this is the equation:

{(passion in something + growth + pride) x 7 = that ridiculously happy feeling I was talking about}

I hope you're ready for some fun links that will crack a smile, make you ponder, and learn a little bit that will benefit your life in some way.


Are you a productivity junkie like me? Always looking for ways to be more efficient? BOOM.

Remember that book the Secret? Well, she believe there's NO secret.

Hustlin' hard but can't seem to catch a break? Maybe these 50 tips can help.

Heard about green smoothies but unsure on how to start blending? Help is here.

I'm not a fan of weight-loss shortcuts so I'm curious to see what you think of this extreme trend.

Not doing so well on your New Year's Resolutions? Perhaps you can make a goal to not have goals?

I need to try this move tonight.

Happy weekend! 

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