Indecisive, can you help me?


I have never made a blog button or ad for my blog...ever. This is officially the first time I have attempted to tackle this challenge and you know what the most difficult part was?

Making a choice and sticking with it.

How do you know which image represents your blog the best?

What looks the most interesting to you?

Which one is most visually appealing to you? Any input would be greatly appreciated! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday! Here is a new song I am digging on these days:


  1. I vote #2- Its really cute! But G likes #4 because he is currently working on a handle-bar mustache. ...and yes, I'm actually supporting him in that endeavor... haha


  2. I like two and three. Sorry I couldn't choose between the two, lol.

    Quiet Luxury

  3. Thanks for your help in making my design decision and funny that we are both having some fun indecisiveness! hah

    I think it's super important that you include your entire blog name for branding/recognition purposes... which leaves 2,3 and 4... and I think #3 is the best hands down! It stands out, the font is legible and I like the pop of color! Good work, sweetie! It looks great!

    holly foxen wells

  4. I'd pick 3. It's the best.

  5. #2 or #3 for sure. I agree with having you entire name in the logo.

  6. I like #3 or #4. I love the design on 3 but I love that 4 has a tag line in it.

    xo erica

  7. You all are the very best :) Thank you SO much for the input. It's looking like #3 or #4!

  8. I like #2 ... sounds like the votes all over the place! =)

  9. 3 makes me think of 'Alice in Wonderland' and that never hurts - wonder, travel. The White Rabbit also implies some anxiety.

  10. LOve this Cathy!! You are doing awesome! I like #3!!


  11. Thank you all for the votes! I have chosen #3!! :)

  12. I'd have to say 4 and three- you want to pick something that when crowded around a bunch of other amazing widgets will stand out! And so I like the ratio of color on those two ^_^

    Following you GFC. I actually just posted a new post- check it out and let me know what you think! :D Let me know if you wanna follow e/o too. ALSO- I would like to invite you to join Bloggers Against Social Injustice it's a new network just opened to the public 2 days ago that me and bloggers from around the world are working on!! :D

    God bless,

    1. Thank you so much for your input Christine! Appreciate the follow, will be sure to check out the Bloggers Against Social Injustices network, sounds great! :)


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