A Week to Remember: Amour, Amour.

Some might say argue it is foolish to love with your all, lower one's guard wholeheartedly, and risk devastation. If you ask me, I think a true fool is one who too often calculates each step in life...ignores the heart...and does not take risks in love. You're only a fool if you don't take chances in love. How else are we supposed to find authentic experiences in love, life, and the pursuit of happiness?

After 3 months of traveling and lacking the presence of my sweet amour, the 7 days we spent together in Rome and Italy melted my heart. Most importantly, to see the person you adore with every inch of your soul, did wonders to re-energize my being. Thank you.
-Ms. Cathy


  1. Sounds like an awesome 7 days! So glad ya'll got to totally be "in the moment" with each other!

    Truly living involves risks .. in love, choices, etc. Glad you're making the most of it!

  2. One of the best 7 days I've had, honestly! I agree that true living involves taking risks to fully experience things in life. Only got one life to live so might as well make the most out of everything :)

  3. I think you mean. . . in Rome and Paris not Rome and Italy. . . :-p I know what you meant though because I was there! I can also say that this was one of the best 7 days I have had. . . EVER! HONESTLY!!! Thursday - Eiffel Tower reunion with someone near and dear to my heart, Friday - Swing Dancing and being silly at the Louvre, (with that same special someone) Saturday - Pere Lachaise Cemetery visit to see the grave of my favorite American song writer, Opera and Dinner in the evening, and then David Guetta after party in the late evening at Queen nightclub, Sunday - Going to the Vatican after Easter Sunday Mass, Monday - Seeing the Coliseum in Rome from our hotel balcony and other magnificent sites while taking a horse and carriage ride down the ancient streets of Rome, Tuesday - Renting a Scooter and spending a few hours seeing the city from a native's point of view all while looking for Trevi Fountain to make a wish, Wednesday - Back in Paris for a night of walking along Champs De Elysee, and seeing the city at night and visiting the Pont Des Arts to place a lock with a very (very in bold here) special message. I am not sure it's possible for most to experience such events in one lifetime more so in 7 days and with the person they love. - Monsieur Hot Dog

    1. You've got it, Don Bosco! Excellent job capturing the key details of our out-of-this-world Europe version Crema trip. Upon your departure back to USA, it still feels like I dreamt the whole damn thing. If it wasn't for the fabulous photos and video camera that documented everything, I'm pretty sure I would have convinced myself it was all just a hallucination. I love Monsieur Hot Dog!!!


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