'Same Shit, Different Day'

Same shit, different day.

Who has heard this statement before? I know I have heard this way more than necessary in my 27 years of living. So, what does this really mean? When a person says this, are they implying they are doing the exact same thing every single day? Or...does it mean they are unhappy with his/her current life but feel helpless so instead, he or she accepts the current circumstances and continue living on...like a sad bunny? 
If it was up to me, I'd prefer never to hear that statement ever again. Why? I'll tell you why. The reasons are listed below:

1. We have a choice when making decisions, small or big, in life.
2. We are not helpless. In fact, we have all the power to change directions
3. When things don't work out, keep trying. More often than not, the things we want most will take more time to obtain...achieve...accomplish. Be patient.
4. Why complain about it along the way? Does the act of complaining encourage desired results? Complaining is shit.
5. No one else is responsible for the type of things we do each day. I truly believe that if a person is unhappy with the type of 'shit' they do every single day, then that's your fault and no one elses'.


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