Thoughts Regarding Spring's almost time!

I just love how many people choose to ride their bikes each day in Amsterdam - - and thought it would be kind of cool to snap photos of them. I know, I know - - they look quite grumpy but it was chilly outside since it is only very early Spring. 

Early springtime! While taking a walk to run some errands, I could not believe it is already Spring! It's getting to be that time for 'Spring Cleaning', which is always a time that I very much look forward to. I'm not just talking about Spring Cleaning for dirty closets and dusty old, no, no. I'm talking about Spring Cleaning for everything.

I try to take a critical look at my life and see what I can eliminate such as any negative people in my life, unhealthy habits, old shoes/clothes, and essentially improve my life in every single aspect. To me, that is the key to happy living - - always making a conscious decision about the way you live within each moment. 


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