Eye Candy in Barcelona, Baby.

Have you ever walked around a city and felt as if you were walking on clouds? No, wait - - scratch that, walking on nothing at all?
A city that engulfs itself in a mystic, enchanted-like air. My current couch host, B, showed me some "TTT" which stands for "Typical Tourist Things"such as walking down La Ramba street (pictures from above) and happily ending the night tasting with Tapas and Estrella Damm beer.

Oh, by the way, I ate fried pigs' nose which is considered a delicacy here. A bit hesitant at first but after trying Balut in Vietnam, I'm confident I can try any food now! We had at least 5 dishes of tapas and the total cost of the bill? Only 10 Euros because it happened to be the restaurants' anniversary! Score. 
The Fresh (super fresh) supermarket off of Las Ramblas street. Food Orgy, part 2. 

I couldn't help but witness myself magically morph into a "TTT", "Typical Tourist Traveler", bust out my Sony Bloggie, and snap, snap, snap away. It's the least I can do to forever imbed these valuable times into my memory.



  1. Fried Pigs Nose? Awesome! I've always thought being open minded and brave with new foods is a really cool quality, especially when traveling to new places. I can't wait to be in your shoes! The food and veggie market both look amazing... once again, great pics! Enjoy Barcelona!


    1. Oh yeah. Fried Pig's Nose. Not that bad, honestly! A bit tough was all. Yes, I am grateful that my parents introduced exotic foods to me at a very early age. It's taught me to be extremely open-minded about the different foods each country has to offer. A beautiful thing in itself :) Glad you enjoyed the pics - enjoying Barcelona already ;)

  2. Your words say it all! That's the feeling I got in Barcelona. The food IS amazing! whaaaa! I feel homesick for travel.

    1. Yes!! I'm just hoping I can find the same quality Manchego in the USA! Yes, I know the feeling, Ana. But I am homesick for home! Hah!


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