Explore and Empower: Happy International Women's Day!

After being in transit from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Amsterdam, Netherlands - - I can honestly say, I am proud of myself and I ain't afraid to yell that on the streets, rooftops, wherever. It's not easy sometimes. Always being on the road, being aware of my surroundings (my third eye and radar are one now 24/7 hehe!), and sitting on airplanes for more than 12 hours is...just...absolutely...Exhausting.

But...there's no room in life to complain about the long hours spent in the night sky in an airplane, or how rubbery your omelet feels in your mouth while attempting to stomach the airplanes' version of 'chicken sausage'. Always find the 'funnies' or something to bring a smile to one's face, because that's what keeps us going in a positive manner, right?

Look What I found in Malaysia Airlines:
 Deal, Malaysia Airlines...Deal. 
After arriving in the Amsterdam Airport, I received directions to find my couch-hosts' new home. My last stay in Amsterdam, I had the pleasure of staying with him for a few days (I blogged about my experience there previously), and will have the pleasure to stay with him once again...That is, if I actually find this place! I mean, just take a peek at my directions:

So what did I do? I pretty much ended up chucking these Google map directions and just asked around, quite periodically, to ensure I was always, at least, heading in the right direction - - confident I could just simply walk there to avoid racking up public transportation fees (at least a 35 minute walk from the Airport) and find some lovely scenery! And, of course, I always do! :)

And, alas, walking into a cute little paint shop, hoping to use an available phone to notify my couch host that, yes I found his place all on my own and I didn't even have to print out a map! Unfortunately, his doorbell does not work and I just had to be a little creative regarding this minor challenge. Success. Here is the view of where I am currently typing up this blog:

 The bonsai tree I gave him about 1.5 months ago. It's growing so fast! There were zero leaves before :) 

Again, I feel proud of myself for coming so far in my travels - - to continue to have the full confidence to jump over any walls, low and high, to be where I want to be because of my own free will. If there is a will, there is a way, right? 

What better day to feel so accomplished than International Women's Day?
This year's theme is, Empower Rural Women - - End Hunger and Poverty.  So, ladies, let's extend this International Women's Day to - - the whole year. Or, better yet, what about incorporate this into our daily grind? Let's inspire young girls, rural or urban, all around the world - - in the best way you can :) 


I hope you had an AMAZING Int'l Women's Day and Thursday!



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