A Bear's Arm and Sweet Mangoes.

Upon realizing I only have a mere few days to make the most out of my Vietnam trip, I become grateful for everything I have encountered thus far...Unique stories from strangers, reconnecting with extended family members, and, of course...the Food in Vietnam.

Without further ado and too much rambling on (because I plan to write another blog about some insider tips I picked up in Vietnam), let me show you the scrumptious and exotic lunch I had for lunch:

My family's dog Lou, that doesn't really like to socialize...and hates me. 

 My uncle coming home after picking up my little cousin, 
 ready to join in for lunch!

Grilled squid and purple-as-ever octopus, hanging out with some green bell peppers as well as cauliflowers, resting on a bed of white rice. Oh, and soy sauce, of course :) 

Essentially a meatball stuffed in a green vegetable. Very soft and delectable!

 Yes, I took a shot in the middle of the day but only because my Uncle told me, 'An actual arm of a bear was soaked in this liquor..it makes you feel strong!' Well, all right then - - Can't say no to that. 

For dessert, sweet mangoes sliced up into bite-size pieces. Yum.

I would have to say this was a proper meal to build up my immune system. In just another two days, I depart Ho Chi Minh City and off to Amsterdam, Holland to continue my European trip. Although not completely sick, I do feel a bit under the weather today and will continue to ingest fresh coconut water and my trustworthy medicine: Fresh Ginger. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures and will post again soon! Cheers!


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