Are YOU Afraid of the Dark?

As a young solo female traveler, there have been a few fears that I have been forced to face - - more often than necessary. I must admit, movies like The Ring or The Grudge scare me much more than Hostel, Taken, or even the Saw movies. Something about the creepy ghost characters that like to hide away in the darkness of all areas - - and I seem to think of these images, especially when I'm checking into a new hotel or hostel.

Thoughts such as, 'What are some things that have occurred here before my time?', 'Oh Gee, I hope it's not haunted...', and 'I swear, if I feel something fishy then I'm going switching to another room and determined to sleep with the lights on!'

So when I got invited to a birthday party which was at a 'Haunted Mansion', I wasn't surprised to feel a little bit of anxiety arise in my chest and stomach. From the front, it looks pretty cool but inside...I encountered a few characters here and there that made me feel like a little girl again - Afraid of the dark and not wanting to peer in that dark closet...

See how she kept looking at me even when I walked towards her left? Eeeeeek!

Regarding my fear of ghosts in hotels, I will be sure to write more about that in an upcoming opportunity - - as well as my other fears of staying in hotels i.e. bedbugs, hotel covers, budget-friendly research options. For now, I am getting my bags packed to fly back to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow early morning and wrap up my stay there. Stay tuned!



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    1. Hello Gremlins Hammer! I'm glad you enjoy them! :) Stay tuned, it's only the beginning ;)

  2. Hope things weren't as bad as you feared in Ho Chi Minh (incidentally one of my favourite places on earth). I have a small sleeping bag that's good for tropical countries and will use that to sleep in - bit of an extra layer against bed bugs. Been lucky - never had any bedbugs so far in my travelling career. Knock on wood. :)

  3. Nahhh not too bad except for the fact I just didn't sleep at all haha. I also carry a small silk sleeping bag that's perfect for both winters and summers - to ward myself off from tiny insects blauggghh! Never had bedbugs on my trip thus far as well - - knock on wood for both of us!!! :)


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