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No bad carbohydrates (white rice, white pasta, processed foods, sugar) for five days straight (monday - friday for me) and then eat whatever I want on saturday and sunday. It's officially the first weekend on this new eating plan and let's just say my taste buds are loving it today. And when I say 'eat whatever I want...' - - I certainly don't encourage 'carb-binging' or anything crazy like that.

Be sensible. But reward yourself.

Has anyone ever tried an eating plan like this before?

In less than an hour, I'm selling a car I have literally owned for almost 10 years. It's a relief. Is this what growing up feels like? Whatever it is, it's a really good feeling.


Dig the font I used for the photo above? I got it for free

Missed the pro blogger event again? Yeah, I did too. But this girl went and heard 9 Incredible things

Did you read 50 Shades of Grey? I didn't but alway wondered why it's such a big hit for women.

Didn't enjoy my weekend links post this time? Here's an even better one with much more cooler links, promise!


  1. I have always thought about following a similar diet plan. Do tell me if it's effective and I will surely adopt it too.
    I too never understood the big fuss about Fifty shades of grey. My aunt read it and told me to never even consider bothering myself with it. I guess I might still read it some day.
    Loved the article about words of advice from ProBlogger event speakers!

    1. So far so good with the eating plan! I think I may give it a month before I do a full review so I'll keep you posted!

      Yes, that Pro blogger article made me want to attend the event! I wish it was closer :/ Thanks for commenting, Savvy! Hope your Sunday is going well!


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