5 simple ways to enjoy your everyday

Photobucket 1. Get in touch with old pals for happy hour. 
Photobucket 2. Take note of strange + beautiful surroundings. Photobucket
3. Have a decadent lunch with loved ones on Sunday. Photobucket 4. Not worry about getting overdressed on a Monday. Photobucket 5. Most importantly, take time out of a hectic day to do what you love.

Revamping my Facebook page and Twitter profile is always a mood-booster too - - and worth the many many hours spent on it.

What are some ways that help you enjoy your daily life? 


  1. Lovely pictures and I agree will all 5 of your ways. Mine would be:
    1)Reading great articles on blogs.
    2)Hugging my grandmother.
    3)Spending time with my boyfriend.
    4)Writing about my day.
    5)Reuniting with old buddies.

    1. Ohhh those are great too! Ah the simple joys :)

  2. I love these, especially taking time out of the day to do what you love! I love your pictures too. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! New follower here :) Looking forward to reading more!

    1. You're awesome, Samantha! Thanks for stopping by and checking this post out. Hope your weekend is going well and will be sure to see you around. :)

  3. Cute & great ideas. Your posts make me want to take more pictures! #5 is an important something that many of us forget to do. Can I just steal all 5 of yours? ;-) But for real, playing and snuggling with my kitties, spending time with family and friends, catching up, and playing games and having those special dinners with my man are some things that really make my day. =)


    1. Thanks Keara! You should take more pictures - they're so much fun to look back on but can get a little messy when you take TOO many pics. Special dinners are great - especially when they involve sweets of any kind too!


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