I Woke Up Ready: Amsterdayum Part 2

I opened my eyes. Laptop said it was already 1:30pm in the afternoon and instantly, my mind started racing.

'Must get as much done as possible...I'm leaving for France tomorrow!'

Wandered into the kitchen and alas, the microwave reassured me it was only 8:00am. That's always such a great feeling - - already feeling like you have saved SO much time only because of one little mind flop. Even so, I woke up ready to absorb the city and to mindfully take it all in. But before venturing out into the world, I made sure my morning started off just right...

Vitamins, music, map & directions, boots, wool socks. Check.
So off I went to explore...Vonderpark (which is actually where I'll be meeting my driver Monday morning for Lille, France - - it's always good to check out an area before meeting someone...especially if you've never been there before) 
Join me on my walk around Amsterdam:

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Sunday! Isn't Amsterdam lovely?!? I am definitely going to miss it!!


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