Salmon and Coffee.

I like Salmon - - especially in France:

I also like double espresso with milk and sugar - - especially in France:

 I like faces on the ground.

But what made my day Extra Special?
Visiting the infamous cafe that Amelie Poulain worked at in the French film Amelie nestled in Montmartre, Paris.

 The front of the cafe.

The menu with her face on it. 

 That's me holding the menu with her face on it. Apparently pretending to have one leg.

New friends are always a nice addition! (We were all holding up pieces of paper to showcase a special message to someone special but it came out looking blank) Instead, we looked like we all just graduated from this cafe! Yay!

Amelie's work staff in full swing.

The lovely Sacre Coeur church -- and on a Sunday! :)

The lovely view from the church.

Sunset in Paris - so romantic!

 See? Lovebirds!

Drawing time! (in lovely streets of Montmartre)

Another beautiful ending to the beginning of a journey that has even started yet.

Overall, a magical day in Paris.

I hope everyone made it a wonderful Sunday!!



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