A little sun makes for a great boost of Vitamin D.

A beautiful Friday in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Yesterday was pretty cold, rainy, and cloudy. But hey, without the cold we wouldn't appreciate the sun as much, right? I remember how much sun Phoenix, Arizona would receive - and sometimes, I felt it was just too much! But being here with the average temperatures ranging from 35-43 Farenheit high - I am grateful for however much sun peeks through those thick clouds over here in Europe!

Today was my last day at Cocomama's hostel (the current residence of the ladybug picture below) and I was a little sad. Strange how a hostel can transform into a traveler's community so fast, and so easily. With each new ending, comes a new beginning.

With a little Passion Pit and Stars playing on my couch-hosts' Ipad...I sit back, continue slowly sipping a traditional English Breakfast tea, and cannot believe I am here. I met my couch-host, J, for the first time earlier this afternoon. He has agreed to host me until Sunday. I am looking forward to hearing more about Japanese Buddhism, helping him with his garden, and still absorbing everything like a little sponge made for hand-washing dishes.

Before arriving to J's place, I basked in the sun and ate my lunch - wondering what to do with my day before couchsurfing. I wandered around looking for a place to make international calls to a special friend - and running into an open-air market with fresh flowers, delicious assortment of cheeses, waffles, and overall  - a Delightful Surprise.

Each day is full of surprises. It seems like when we lose ourselves in the moment of now, there are many surprises to discover. 

Why not do something different today or tonight? Never tried salsa dancing - let's go! Ever gave Judo lessons a shot - why not now? 

Happy Friday, everyone!


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