Do Not Be Afraid of the Unknown - Why?

Because it will always work out.

Trust me.

Today was quite an adventurous day, to say the least! Due to my lack of preparedness for the remainder of the week (this was done on purpose to see test myself ;) ), I was not exactly sure where I was sleeping tonight.
You see, for the past week, I had been staying with my first couchsurfing ( friend, A, in Paris. By the way, A, was one of the most hospitable, kind-hearted, and trustworthy friend I have made on this trip thus far!! We shared many laughs, travel stories, music collections, and french beers! In addition, he shared a Gallette cake with me that was quite tasty:

Back to the story, since he had made plans to host another friend starting Monday evening, I had to ensure there was another place for me to stay. After various messages sent to other potential couchsurfing hosts, I started to feel a bit discouraged and unsure of my capabilities. 'What if I have to sleep at a crazy hostel tonight? I wonder if Paris has any 24 hour cafes that I can chill at? I hope the family that I am meeting up with for dinner will welcome me into their arms...?' I was starting to feel afraid of the Unknown...

But, alas, I ended up meeting up with my great Uncle and his family - - welcomed me into their lovely home right outside of Paris - and, that is where I am currently typing up this very blog! We had a fun-filled night starting with a big hot bowl of a traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup called Pho, the Eiffel Tower with 'All of the Lights' (as Kanye West once said), and walked down the Champs Elysees:

 Awww - Family times!

See? I'm almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower. Almost. 

My great uncle's son Tuan and I in front of the tower. 

 A full moon out with the Eiffel Tower - stunning.

Arc de Triumphe on Champs Elysees. 

 Crossing the streets on Champs Elysees - beautiful lights!

I wish I got the name of this beautiful fountain that was at the end of Champs Elysees. 

So I urge you all. 

When the unknown is near, there truly is nothing to fear. 

One can always make the most, 

Even when you run out of toast.



  1. hey beautiful. i have stood where you are standing, and i'm so proud you made it.

  2. Hi Angel33, I am proud too :) i still cannot believe I'm here Heck, if I can do it - anyone can :) I love and miss you!!


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