I volunteered to deliver a speech, approximately 4-7 minutes.  regarding...well, anything. This is scheduled for Wednesday Decemeber 7th.

By the way, I am currently typing up this blog on my itty-bitty netbook; a mini laptop. Guitar lesson  memories start to surface as my hands struggle to avoid the over-sensitive mouse pad, constantly bringing me back to random areas in this blog. If I as much as skim that last guitar string with my pinky, it sounds like shit.

The year 2011, I decided to avoid the hustle and bustle of a traditional Black Friday. Being barely 5'0, waiting in a crowd full of much taller people and not able to see over people, I went for the Cyber Monday deals instead. Bought myself a travel size netbook and essentially breaking it in right now. I really hope I get used to typing on an ASUS 10", 2.6 lb computer..

On any given day, if I heard this correctly, humans think...a lot. Supposedly, we have about 3,000 thoughts running through our heads. With barely a month left here in America, it seems like I have about 1,000, 000 thoughts sprinting around while I frantically jot down must-do memos in my little black book. Here's a little preview of a solo female traveler's mind one month before departing:

What are the essentials to pack on a trip like this? Winter; must pack light, warm, and very multi-functional. I find myself researching the types of fabrics that are best for certain seasons. Hiking boots in a tiny 60L Osprey Backpack? Forget it; they're too bulky. How do I plan to stay in touch with everybody while I'm out there; Skype, a UK cell phone, or just Facebook? Makeup; that Urban Decay  12 eyeshadow kit doesn't seem to have its place in my bag. I couldn't find my BA degree few weeks ago...and I still can't. I hope bringing an original Master's degree will do; some say an official copy of the degree is a MUST in Asian countries for teaching positions. All I can do is put in my all and when the time comes, be prepared and adaptable to any changes. Let's hope for the best, eh?

In addition to the fleeting thoughts of what to actually bring on my trip, smoothing out financial obligations, and seeking closure on miscellaneous tasks, I find much clarity amidst the current busy times and upcoming events.

Although my time here in the United States is coming to an end quite shortly..
I continue to use this somewhat bittersweet time,
to fully appreciate each waking and sleeping moment,
that I encounter each second.
Not only is this down to the weeks and days...
I have come to find that life is about making each millisecond as valuable as possible.
No matter what the situation may be,
Each moment is full of potential,
It is solely up to ourselves to let that potential shine,
and transform into reality.

Perhaps that is what I will discuss for speech this Wednesday. Discussion on the endless possibilities in this world that truly begin in the mind.  



  1. Love this. Where are you moving/traveling to?

  2. Thank you, old friend! I am traveling to Western Europe for about 6 months and then possibly Taiwan!


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