Focus, focus, focus.

I have always wondered how the most influential, inspirational, and well-known figures of all time deal with focus.

Gandhi; as dire as some situations may have been, how did he continue to pick himself right back up and eventually became the change he wanted to see in this world?

Albert Einstein...a man that lived the majority of his life being ridiculed for his outworldly ideas and theories end up tackling the criticism and shattering the realm of, the way we understand how the world works?

I can guarantee that the people you look up to, family members, friends, and role models, experience day(s) when he/she/they are susceptible to feeling discouraged..


I find myself pondering what Einstein, Ghandi, or even Jillian Michaels might say to this question, 'What is the one piece of advice you would share regarding persistence, drive, and moving forward?'

For those of you who know me quite well...I have always encouraged daily positive thinking as well as the positive correlation that exists between thoughts and behaviors. However, today I felt as if I have exhausted myself planning everything down to the wire - - hoping and hoping to feel 100% prepared...

If I am aiming for some type of confirmation email to say:

"Dear Cathy,

Thank you for meeting all of the requirements for your dream of long-term You have fulfilled this area of preparation and need not to worry anymore. Good job!

Respectfully yours,

Mysterious email sent from the Universe"

Then I'm just setting myself up for dissappointment.

Perhaps I need to take my own advice and trust that whatever situation I am in, I can worry about it then. If I have done everything in my power to prepare for something like this (i.e. packing, budgets, medical, transportation, purpose) and I continue on that path - then what I am afraid of?

The possibility of failing and as a result, learning a new way to do things? Getting pick-pocketed in a foreign country and taking a slight detour from my original "itinerary"? Either way, I find myself a bit more susceptible to thoughts of self-doubt as my time continues to move forward - - inching its way to my departure date.

Have I missed anything in my to-do list? Am I crazy for doing something like this? It's a huge deal!! Some say I am crazy for taking on such a risky challenge. But you know what?

At the end of my day, I simply ask myself the following question:

'Would I regret it if I never gave it at least one shot?' 

Since the answer was yes...I am back to where I need to be; a place where hope, joy, and die-hard dedication works together to maintain

The Focus.

(Thank you for those who continue to keep me motivated ~ you know who you are)

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  1. Yes, you would regret it if you didnt give it at least one shot and no, you're not crazy for doing this. This is your adventure, your life adventure that you''ve worked so hard for. You dont know what's waiting for you out there. I know that sounds scary but wonderful things can and will happen. You could meet the great love of you life, you can find the meaning of your life and why your're so special. Keep the positive thoughts and dont let anyone or anything get in your way. We will all miss you, but we're only a phone call away, an email away, only a text away. I'm glad we became friends and I hope we stay friends forever. I look forward to hearing and seeing all you new adventures. Your dear friend, Debbie Rodriguez


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