There is so much more to a Bad Day.

A bad day might induce feelings of stress or frustration for some whereas others may experience heightened levels of positive stress. The difference between the two? Simply doing something about it.

 As time continues to tick on and on, we may be at risk for losing our sense of consciousness or awareness. I say may because this is just a theory. I am sure many of us have experienced more than enough 'bad days' at a school setting, workplace, or at home. So what is truly considered a 'bad day?'

Bad day = a coffee stain on that brand new white silk blouse?

Bad day = getting broken up with by a post-it note?

Bad day = not acing the job interview you worked so hard to obtain?

There are some things we can control and some things not at all. The coffee stain; this very occurrence can be perceived in an opportunistic way rather than a victimized-like attitude. Maybe I shouldn't drink coffee anyway and start working on my health. That blouse is a material item; therefore it is replaceable. Within those types of thoughts, the thoughts will then transfer over to our emotions/how we feel about it. Depending on how our emotions are managed, we can either react consciously or unconsciously.

Don't let those external circumstances determine what kind of day you have; there's no need to give that coffee stain that much credit. I'm not saying this type of thinking is easy, by any means. In some ways, I feel as if we have been programmed to believe happiness is obtained from outside sources and play a victim of our reality.

There is so much more to a bad day. How? A bad day could be an indicator to practice how to react positively. Perhaps bad days are just great days disguised as bad luck. Challenge: Next time you feel/think it is going to be a bad day, take a moment to simply turn that thought around. Over time, we can change the language of our minds. 

The only way we become victims is when we think we are. 
You are what you think. 

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